Hotel Elevator Plunges 8 Floors

Several people, including celebrities, escape without injury.
2:34 | 10/30/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Hotel Elevator Plunges 8 Floors
A freak accident at a movie premiere after party sends an elevator packed with stars and party goers. Into an eight floor free fall -- -- back now with a look at this frightening ride. You really scary -- just like tower of terror -- Disney right up. -- several of the fourteen passengers had a feeling the elevator was just a little too heavy with people but they went ahead anyway. And for some people like our Lara this is really a worst nightmare come true. It was a terrifying scene right out of a Hollywood movie. Like -- diehard. Or inception. The priority most everyone on board works in Hollywood including Josh Charles one of the stars of the good wife and happy way. It happens here at the Gramercy Park hotel in New York City right after the premiere of the new movie Janie Jones on Thursday night -- Charles the movie's director and several other actors piled into the elevator comedian Seth Herzog was there. Bunch of us guys the elevator after those elevators and -- huge -- small. It was then that the elevator suddenly shockingly began to plunged with the door open everyone could see the floors just flying by let's. More fear inducing -- is the ministry also said you know you're going to fall into -- finally it came to a hard stop. The elevator ground to a halt thanks to those emergency brakes the group was left waiting for help waiting for -- attorney -- not. -- -- Gramercy Park hotel general manager later released a statement saying although this is an incredibly unusual incident. Moving forward we will house staff assist with the globe departures from high volume events to help ease any potential crowding. Elevators are behind many people's most nagging fears that fear of a sudden drop or getting stuck but experts say those fears are irrational. This a for the writing and reporting the -- from driving your car -- being above us but tell that to south hers not my biggest fear. Was that I was gonna die with people more famous than me then I wouldn't -- Waterlogged try to keep the -- like by cracking jokes like so who are we going to eat first off. And we should decide how we're going to it repopulates. -- they went to get some stiff drinks. After the experience kinda -- TV would not be the same without Josh Charles know that -- and hurt so -- -- -- okay the research that he was very upset by it he wasn't making the jokes. And I -- -- I'm feeling claustrophobia and -- chanting thank you so much.

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{"duration":"2:34","description":"Several people, including celebrities, escape without injury. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"14844399","title":"Hotel Elevator Plunges 8 Floors ","url":"/GMA/video/elevator-plunges-floors-hollywood-hotel-14844399"}