Eli Manning on 2008 Super Bowl Win

The NY Giants star quarterback chats with "GMA" after team's big win.
3:15 | 01/31/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Eli Manning on 2008 Super Bowl Win
The Super Bowl in what happened last night in Phoenix between the New England Patriots. And the New York Giants no one thought the giants could pull off the upset but that's just what they did 1714 to come from behind. When Eli Manning. Was amazing. As as -- as Plaxico Burress because they came from behind in the fourth quarter to pull out. The victory and Tom Coughlin a long time coach. But here you thought that New England was gonna do what they did all season long can come from letting them win like that that was to Randy Moss and. Man this was just amazing Manning probably get out of that -- and then David tired and bringing. According Tiffany Crawford -- should -- we've got to take a look at this again and look -- -- -- talking about around the water cooler. Like -- -- content scrambling giving lose money and entirely off the top of his home. And that Santa. The ball with about what it pulling its it was meant to be and then Manning to your guy right here cloud -- They've -- had so many injuries. -- who left after. And Lisa Fletcher was there at the game that you had a chance to talk with the NB CV live now. What does it feel like to have -- perfection. It feels good you know -- there's the fear -- coffin call last night. About just if you want us to have that feeling of winning a championship -- He he experienced the reviewed with the giants -- an assistant. And is when our teammates to go through that means that you can't. He can't describe reviews -- jump up for joy and sure -- that's that's what we did. It's been it's been a fund has been a fun ride this whole season -- ups and downs we've experienced everything there is to go through and -- any of the championship it's just it's been a great run. Let's talk pressure brother for a moment absolutely dismissed crazy when you guys won the -- pumping his fists and go and that's up in the box -- was the first -- intelligently dishonest to. They came in locker room and used. You know so. You know you're going through -- he went through it last year and -- said. Everett that player will go down as one of the great plays its history that the one where I'm. Broken tackles that -- -- key reason they don't believe the kids do everything everything that happened in the -- -- to drive -- -- feel. You can fit right that often -- If you do the emotions that are going through me he had last year I was there for him last year so. How fired up -- -- meeting of the championship. He didn't veterans know it does not. I get up -- Could pick up MVP of the Super -- people wrote you off during this season is starting this season -- to. The Plaxico Burress what a great start and she can't watch when she's rooting for -- she has to leave the room when she wanted to. And they -- only when when -- -- program. Yeah -- I like that victory. -- -- -- -- --

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{"id":15484265,"title":"Eli Manning on 2008 Super Bowl Win","duration":"3:15","description":"The NY Giants star quarterback chats with \"GMA\" after team's big win.","url":"/GMA/video/eli-manning-2008-super-bowl-win-15484265","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}