Eli Manning: How Brother Peyton Is Preparing for Super Bowl

The Giants quarterback discusses the Purina "Manning vs. Dog Challenge," and his plans for the big game.
3:00 | 01/29/14

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Transcript for Eli Manning: How Brother Peyton Is Preparing for Super Bowl
This afternoon, they're putting on a manning versus dog challenge and to show what kind of athletes these dogs are and have a great new sports line that has some nutritional supplement bars for those active dogs to help them get the most out of their activities. Nice. Curious choice this city was to host a super bowl. The weather looked a little bad there but now we're looking like it's okay. Super bowl boulevard here in times square all the way down to herald square is opening. These days for the players like, what are the final days like? It's exciting for the players. Media day is over. All the hoopla. You're back to practice, back to work. It's like a Normal week. Game planning, practice, only difference obviously you go home to a hotel. You're there all week. Kind of away from your family which can tough but I think finally the hoopla is over and now you can concentrate on playing football. Your brother playing in the elmhe wi elm element. In Denver. Have you talked to him about it. I looked at the forecast. It says only 7-mile-an-hour winds mild for this time of year so it shouldn't be a problem on Sunday so I said if it picks up I'll give you a few tips but it's not as bad as the old stadium but I think he'll be in good shape. I mean that is your home turf. How is his head games? He's ready? I saw him last night. He came over for dinner last night. I think he's trying to keep his Normal schedule. Tuesday for him he'd probably be home with his family so obviously to come over and kind of see my kids and he met one of his nieces for the first time last night so had a good dinner but he's great. In good spirits and ready to go play. Are we going to hear "Omaha"? I'm sure Omaha will come up. A few thousand times. I know your parents are here coming in. Are you going to be at the game? I will, I will. I'll be at the game. Kind of odd sitting up there -- I've actually never watched a game in metlife stadium in -- where we play football. I've played many games but it'll be my first time in the stands and watching a game so it will be a little different but I'll be rooting hard for mie big brother. It's going to be so good. So good. Can we play this thing already? Can we play this thing?

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{"id":22283310,"title":"Eli Manning: How Brother Peyton Is Preparing for Super Bowl","duration":"3:00","description":"The Giants quarterback discusses the Purina \"Manning vs. Dog Challenge,\" and his plans for the big game.","url":"/GMA/video/eli-manning-purina-pro-plan-brothers-trip-super-22283310","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}