Elizabeth Peyton-Jones on New Book 'Cook Yourself Young'

The author shares recipes that she says can keep you feeling and looking young.
3:29 | 02/01/16

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Transcript for Elizabeth Peyton-Jones on New Book 'Cook Yourself Young'
Now to the woman who is famous known to eat yourself young. She's here for her first American interview. She'll tell show us how you can turn back the clock. Thank you. What inspired you to write this book? Well, you know, food is very powerful. You know, it can make it feel ill or rejuvenate you and make you look amazing. After 20 years of practitioner, when I was changing people's diet, they were looking younger. Lot of people think, if I eat healthy it's so much more expensive. You have an affordable option. If you're trying to eat better, what's one of your go-tos? So, for breakfast, this is, qui quinoa is very affordable. I made this oatmeal cinnamon dish here. But I swapped the oats for the quinoa. So, it's no gluten. The quinoa you can use it in lunch afterwards. It's very versatile. We were just talking about the super bowl. Lot of people like to eat during the super bowl. Chips are one of the go-tos, a big bag of salty chips. You have a healthy alternative. I do. Cheering on your team. You don't want to eat this stuff. If you want to be vie rant and high, take the butternut squash chip, which is filled of -- This is so good. It's so favorable. It's filled with antioxidants. You can eat it and get younger. All right, this is, you know, almost like velveeta and lot of chips, not healthy at all. Your alternative? The alternative is this special guacamole. This is avocado dish. Don't mind me. The dip. High in vege eshvitamin E. It's good for your skin. It will get your metabolism going. All right, this is also ordering pizza. Slice of pizza. People have said, they called in, what's your favorite thing to eat? Almost everyone said pizza during the super bowl. You have a healthy version. I do. It's made with spelt flour. The spelt flower Ur is an ancient flour. Rosemary is great for the brain. So, you'll remember who's winning. And the scallions are very good for your immune system. You can share it with the family. These are all drn you're not missing out. You're getting to eat the foods you love. Thank you so much for joining us. Thank you. Cook yourself young is available now. Get these recipes you see here. We'll be right back. They're so good. ?

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{"id":36637713,"title":"Elizabeth Peyton-Jones on New Book 'Cook Yourself Young'","duration":"3:29","description":"The author shares recipes that she says can keep you feeling and looking young.","url":"/GMA/video/elizabeth-peyton-jones-book-cook-young-36637713","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}