Elizabeth Smart on Preventing Child Abduction

The kidnapping and escape led her to create the Elizabeth Smart Foundation.
4:45 | 02/01/12

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Transcript for Elizabeth Smart on Preventing Child Abduction
Joining us now Elizabeth Smart who was kidnapped as you know -- for nine -- months before escaping. The crime took place ten years ago analyst with us now head of Elizabeth Smart foundation one of our contributors and it's always a pleasure to have you here. Greatness is you can really well until the -- -- and you just you just have a unique perspective and you are doing just wonderful work. With your foundation and when we see this little girl. In Colorado. Calling 911. Like that what are some things -- to teach their kids that case is just so rare having having the ability to react when something happens is just. It's rare it's very difficult and so is really important to have parents tell their children. To -- Their parents full names not just mommy and daddy sure but having them know both their parents' -- in having them know their own full name. How did them -- their address including the state zip code the street every thing. And knowing their own home phone number is in. Very important. But probably not knowing how to dial not 911 not just having a -- tell you -- can pick up front -- -- nine and one but knowing how to dial 911 from a cell phone. From a landline and from a pay phone teaching them putting the phone in the hasn't saying -- these -- And then you press and then having them know how to do that is well those are very basic good ground rules of beginning safety he later heard you say that if -- teacher child how to -- you don't you know on the living room and saying this is how you swim -- the same thing pick actually showed them. How to called -- right absolutely he would never just. Place the baby -- found that came as his Heisman kick really hard in the thrown in the pool and is the same for child safety you don't just say pick you just sit. 91 lining there you go you can show them how that we -- the Talbott. She she ran from her would be. A doctor and there was that there are there are statistics that show if you fight back if you do something in those early moments aren't they so king. Those early moments -- the most key if you. Scream kick or -- fight back in any way in those first few minutes you have an 83% chance of getting away. And that is a huge statistic. So beaning able to fight back. Is she. And you have sex and greater potential -- away because. None of us it's so hard to react soap making sure we teach our children making sure we have been scream in front of us and stream -- anyone's ever coming after them good applies the 83%. I mean parents are -- really listen to that -- -- also encourage role playing that the parents should what do you mean by that. Just making sure. For instance. I got cornered in a bathroom shortly after I came home from being kidnapped with someone coming out and saying well you really wanted to be kidnapped he really ran away you really loved Brian David Mitchell. Now all those things are not true and I just went into shock I couldn't believe someone was saying that's me -- -- I went back into my survival mode where I didn't say anything. Well in my dad found out about he was just -- -- like he was so mad he pulled my sister and I. Into his office and he's like now I know you two girls can stream suffragists -- -- -- -- the -- times if anyone ever comes near you again. I want to screen so I want you stream right now from me. And my dad made my sister and I scream at the top of our lungs for him. And so. I think it's important for parents to give children permission to screen if someone comes after her. That that's invaluable right there and is there any time Elizabeth that you think that it's our right for a child. To talk to an adult that they don't know. It's important for children to realize that adults will never ask children for directions they will never come up and ask for help. They do not give children presence that they do not know if any it's an adult approaches a child with any of those. Who -- scenario scenarios. That's a good sign their predator look that good sign to get the heck out of there that's a good thing prepares to tell their kids just those things that you said. Well and I know we say this you before you are an inspiration to so many families. Because. After nine months in your family did not give up and you. Came home and you're doing so well and you have some news to -- couldn't help but notice that ring that you have. Elizabeth Smart is engaged -- a -- I just couldn't be happier and -- -- brother and he's wonderful -- talents are my life with -- and I am. -- very excited to continue working with. ABC Good Morning America and coming back many times in the future -- Rebecca what together you know you get married -- -- -- you -- and congratulations. And this all the best to you. Going forward thinking --

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{"duration":"4:45","description":"The kidnapping and escape led her to create the Elizabeth Smart Foundation.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"15487631","title":"Elizabeth Smart on Preventing Child Abduction","url":"/GMA/video/elizabeth-smart-10preventing-child-abduction-what-kids-should-konw-15487631"}