Elizabeth Smart Takes Action Against Predators

Smart and abduction victim Alicia Kozakiewicz crack down on internet predators.
4:27 | 11/10/11

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Transcript for Elizabeth Smart Takes Action Against Predators
In Washington today a group called not one more child is kicking off a national campaign to crack down an Internet predators. He'll be led by two young women who lived through the horror of kidnapping and sexual abuse and are now determined to stop it. In GMA exclusive -- join us now Elizabeth Smart -- -- contributes to our coverage of missing child cases. And we should cause a cabbage who survived a kidnapping back in 2002 -- -- -- said that it could create happier that I could. And your story. Is really something not quite as well known as Elizabeth -- met someone online who came kidnapped and held. Up for four days yes I was like from my home by an and -- predator. And held captive in his basement dungeon for four days until I was rescued by the FBI. Which lets an absolute miracle. And miracles -- Because it's so unlikely had they were so many things that found the place and so many people work together. Back then that -- -- -- this wasn't as prolific. And because at that there was -- the funding and the boots on the ground in the law enforcement officers to focus on my case you're determined to increase that morning and that's -- -- -- one more child campaigns about. -- my good friend elation and -- -- -- other organizations have come together to. -- times and to raise awareness and really get the funding that this program needs. Which is -- -- going to Washington to lobby for that finding you've also both been -- a new public service announcement. -- a little bit of. My name is Elizabeth Smart I am a leash because -- we know where hundreds of thousands of child predators are each red dot on this map shows us exactly where they are trafficking images of children children. Being tortured and abused these dots -- right to doorstep of the child waiting to be rescued him. I was one of those children I am one of these children. And one of the hopefully have them -- put it up again those red dots represent some place where child porn is being watched distribute. The way it's being disseminated and created. And it's it's all across the country -- home country. Turning granite and when you when you go to Washington today it was with what specifically. Will you be asking for from congress for President Obama. We will be asking President Obama and congress. Two. Really change the way that. Internet crimes are being investigated and -- state of emergency so that didn't we can. How the funding to -- -- investigated many cases as we can have the problem is growing it's it's the fastest growing crime in America right now fastest yes. My goodness and you all of paying your campaign to -- children have also put how to guide a survivor's guide. To help other child abduction victims what are the keys I mean. It's hard for any of us to imagine what -- been to the what are the keys. And the lessons you can pastime to fans to children to other teens to prevent this from happening more. Well when it comes to Internet abduction there's many things that can be done in -- house to be done by. Parents by teachers. My children and by their friends have to be made aware that this is a problem and that it is happening and it's happening often. Can we hear these stories so often what -- it could. You know it. You know all the dangers -- young. Young boys and girls still going on and -- -- these relationships do you understand what the problem is that. Today with so many web sites where you meet people. I have friends who say what are -- -- -- somebody. Everything is let's meet somebody online one -- four relationship successful relationship satellite here's -- happy congressional. Why wouldn't children go out -- think that they can do that on their Allen and find their soul mate and that's exactly what they're doing it seems that even though they have -- lighting could be on the other hand. Nominal. So that your your senior college right now any better idea what's next. Finishing finishing -- -- -- -- on -- -- can keep on with this work and what are your plans. -- -- and -- like to join and that kind of job task forces and network with eighteen. Sort of like that rescue me and I would ultimately like to rescue the child and also helped her -- their -- after. Moment is a big job and inspiring a lot of people. Today thanked us for coming on safe travels to Washington.

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{"duration":"4:27","description":"Smart and abduction victim Alicia Kozakiewicz crack down on internet predators.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"14923373","title":"Elizabeth Smart Takes Action Against Predators","url":"/GMA/video/elizabeth-smart-takes-action-predators-14923373"}