Elizabeth Taylor's Art Collection Earns Millions

Art pieces owned by the late actress sell at Christie's auction for 22 million.
3:08 | 02/08/12

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Transcript for Elizabeth Taylor's Art Collection Earns Millions
First supporters. Taylor but only -- -- -- you wanna talk is about life yeah high stakes auction of Elizabeth Taylor's personal art collection three of the most amazing pieces went on the block last night selling from nearly went -- to. Million dollars told. ABC's nick Locke joins us from London to talk about that and the ongoing sales of prices that. Almost any list fan. Might be able to afford really -- -- yet rarely. Seriously seriously and we'll get to that in a minute but -- it. I always knew that Liz Taylor collected Oscars and husbands during her life I had no idea she had such an extra ordinary art collection. And here in London last night they began auctioning it off. He -- brand and twentieth century cinema it's -- go to grand monster. Nineteenth century -- together. -- -- Taylor's beloved band goes sold last night at auction. Sixteen million bucks only and -- -- buying. She -- and anxious to speech protected all her life. He wasn't getting loose in the neck until she -- These paintings are our glimpse behind -- -- layered gates a glimpse of the real. Elizabeth -- It's well -- -- -- -- private life. This is not a high what does that mean so when she went down to when she went head to deal discuss this is what she did win. The world knew her from the red carpet. And the silver screen a child star and national velvet. And debris iTunes store in the world but the time the Patrick. And. -- knew her from the -- pages seven marriages. And the -- secular -- which raised 115. Million dollars. -- auction in New York late last year at the car TA pearl and diamond necklace given by Richard Burton. Went for seven point eight nearly. But the jewels were often -- by admirers the art she bull for herself her father Francis had been an art dealer and his daughter. A passionate and an -- Through to try and send it tragedies all of her turbulent life -- go com and constant -- above her mental -- all right. Every day. Idealistic. And optimistic militia a fungal thankful she liked she was -- -- -- that she was actually very profits. Tonight the rest of her collection goes under that the more humble Xbox still touched by that tape. Start us. Robin you mentioned bargains and there are bargains some of the estimates for those works are as low as 610. -- -- a chance for the average Taylor -- To a -- a bit all of the private. Elizabeth. Take us six not you know -- six dollars and ten cents not 610 dollars -- probably won't be petty about that hey nick as always thanks very much have a great day.

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{"id":15537892,"title":"Elizabeth Taylor's Art Collection Earns Millions","duration":"3:08","description":"Art pieces owned by the late actress sell at Christie's auction for 22 million.","url":"/GMA/video/elizabeth-taylors-art-collection-earns-millions-15537892","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}