Elizabeth Warren: Remember What the Recklessness on Wall Street Did

The Massachusetts Senate candidate talks to Elizabeth Vargas before her DNC speech.
3:00 | 09/04/12

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Transcript for Elizabeth Warren: Remember What the Recklessness on Wall Street Did
Now, for the opposes viewpoint, massachusetts democratic candidate, elizabeth warren is here. She will be addressing the convention tomorrow. You're one of the faces of the democratic party as a result. I want you to answer the question that so many other in the party are struggling with in the next 48 hours. Are we better off than four years ago? How do you make that argument when unemployment is the same today after president obama took office? I remember what was happening four years ago. The markets were crashing. The financial system was threatening to seize. The auto industry was about to plunge over the edge. And there was a real question among most economists whether this country was headed into a full-fledged depression. We have to remember what the recklessness on wall street did. It cost trillions of dollars in home value. It cost trillions of dollars in mention values. It cost millions of people their jobs. You see when the economy and unemployment is the number one concern for most voters. Why being unemployed, why having unemployment so high is such a concern for people. How do you make the argument they're better off? We're better off as a result? Of course unemployment is a concern. It's a concern for any family trying to live through that. And it's a bigger concern in the economy, for any small business that says those paychecks aren't being spent here in my store because people are out of work. But the real issue now in the election is who has got the best plan going forward? Mitt romney has made clear what his plan is. Cut taxes for the richest americans and the biggest corporations, increase taxes on the middle-class and don't make any investments in the future. Barack obama says that's not the right way to do it. What we're going to do is we're going to ask everyone to pay a fair share. Not increase taxes on the middle-class. And make investments in the kinds of things that help us build a future. Education, roads and bridges. Two very different versions of how to go forward. Finally, the other hot potato in this election year, is medicare. You heard paul ryan, not backing down on the medicare debate one bit. Do you think the medicare argument by the republicans is starting to take hold with voters at all? Are you worried about that? I don't see how it can take hold with voters because it's just not true. The basics is that right now with what the president has done, is he has strengthened medicare. And what he's really done is he's given seniors better protection. Elizabeth warren, thank you so much for being here this morning. Good luck with your speech tomorrow night at the democratic national convention. Thank you. Michelle obama tonight. Diane and I will have full convention coverage beginning at

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{"id":17147165,"title":"Elizabeth Warren: Remember What the Recklessness on Wall Street Did","duration":"3:00","description":"The Massachusetts Senate candidate talks to Elizabeth Vargas before her DNC speech.","url":"/GMA/video/elizabeth-warren-remember-recklessness-wall-street-17147165","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}