B Is For 'Baking': Elmo, Cookie Monster on 'GMA'

"Sesame Street" stars share their favorite baking recipes with "GMA."
4:18 | 01/05/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for B Is For 'Baking': Elmo, Cookie Monster on 'GMA'
-- good summer for some recipes from their new book being used for baking yummy dishes to make together Elmo you are in charge -- -- -- -- today. Regis yeah sushi. Thank you very much to look at it makes them with the red velvet cupcakes. You. How long -- -- right. -- -- -- And -- altogether. Accurately learned so well. If you need to cook. I don't -- it you know my little daughter -- -- -- she loves to bake as well doing. The job done on hundreds -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- helping to low fat in the pearl. That and I love the idea behind have been through this and -- -- using die which gets the -- and -- health yeah. -- -- Already been okay and in need of an early in. The hope that I can definitely that -- is there -- now. Soil again. No objection at all that it now will you -- you know what you're doing. Okay. Bush right now and I haven't -- about -- yeah. That I put the -- with the -- She. Not even know where for an. Individual like incredibly well actually -- -- one. The battle to should -- write a check up but I needed I needed right here right. -- -- -- if you're like -- didn't turn this one bit on the Georgia. I think our respective. -- games. It's terrible I appreciate that -- -- -- that I wouldn't have a mr. Stephanopoulos. Should. The little things that don't end here I come looks younger and -- -- include -- -- yeah that's better. -- -- -- -- -- -- Contact. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Now we are pretty nice yeah I was starting to give an overall. -- For every. -- -- Delegates could end up looking like this all what looked like her little. We're going to be -- went up to date we have here is going to be -- publicly put this into. How could be arguably -- throughout the amount of garbage and -- -- -- and. I've never seen cupcakes and Iran and -- state but there. -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah. I like a -- yeah -- -- this is the frosting OK let me know if I can do anything that leads to bill look at. Wouldn't have -- -- We should -- twenty minutes OK funny fat Greek youth and -- -- Couples coming as a kid and coo of course I'm -- and yes no question yeah that's the idea that it takes how to how important isn't he. Here. I think this just free world that doesn't -- yeah. -- -- boy -- -- still good. That's well let me check it out hold on 12 the Tom -- All at -- All I want continental cards I -- the -- on the cupcake monster. He's got a little trees that's a lovely -- -- -- yeah -- angrily pulled suburban cook. I knew something in comparison to -- I guess that's how dumb and and a man going -- Welcome welcome to -- what you -- water and are -- And -- yeah. -- -- -- -- certainly take you --

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{"id":15296043,"title":"B Is For 'Baking': Elmo, Cookie Monster on 'GMA'","duration":"4:18","description":"\"Sesame Street\" stars share their favorite baking recipes with \"GMA.\"","url":"/GMA/video/elmo-cookie-monster-teach-cooking-15296043","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}