Elmo Remembers Josh Elliott's Trip to 'Sesame Street'

Carol-Lynn Parente joins Elmo in discussing "GMA" visit and his brand new musical.
3:00 | 09/19/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Elmo Remembers Josh Elliott's Trip to 'Sesame Street'
Right now, I want to come back over to elmo. and friends. You have a lot of friends here, elmo. We want to talk about josh's special visit to sesame street. He had a really wonderful time. And he brought his daughter, too. It was fantastic. Your special "gma" contributor, is sarina. Should we take a look? Reporter: For over a decade, elmo's been taking children on a journey into his world on "sesame street." Welcome to elmo's world. eporter: NOW, AS THE SHOW Enters its 43rd season, the lovable, furry, red fellow of elmo's world is graduating. ♪ to "elmo the musical." It's called "elmo the musical." Musicals like elmo the athlete. Which I got to be a part of. Elmo imagines another athlete. Let the games begin. Um, elmo was imagining someone a little more nice, mr. Judge. Sorry. Okay. I didn't make the cut. But I decided to interview elmo, with the help of a very special "gma" correspondent, my daughter, sarina. I know you had a question for elmo. What was that question? Why are you red? Oh, because elmo was born this way. And what's your favorite food? Elmo's favorite food is kasabby. That's why elmo has no eyelids. What's it like to live on sesame street? Wonderful. You could come back and visit. And when we did come back, sarina, look. It's sesame street. A very special tour guide was there to greet us. Are you josh from that gma show? It's "good morning america." But that's okay. Who is this? Sarina. My name's murray. Say hi, murray. Welcome to sesame street. Say thank you. I have more friends in hooper's store. Do you want to meet them? Do you want to? Let's go. All right, murray. Who is this? This is a resarina and josh. Hi, sarina. We were coming up with "j" words like jump. How about some names? I know one. Jebadiah. Jane. Josh. Oh. Right. Yay. That's a good one. Really? That's a good one. Reporter: As much fun as we had on sesame street, it was finally time to say good-bye. Give me one more. And I get a hug from dad,

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{"id":17270146,"title":"Elmo Remembers Josh Elliott's Trip to 'Sesame Street'","duration":"3:00","description":"Carol-Lynn Parente joins Elmo in discussing \"GMA\" visit and his brand new musical.","url":"/GMA/video/elmo-remembers-josh-elliotts-trip-sesame-street-17270146","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}