Elton John Crowned Pepsi King in New Ad

ABC's Chris Connelly spoke with the star about football and fatherhood.
4:33 | 01/30/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Elton John Crowned Pepsi King in New Ad
Elton John has already -- now is about to become McCain before what may be the biggest audience in his career. I'm Super Bowl Sunday -- put on the crowd for a Pepsi commercial. And he talked about the -- football fatherhood and Madonna BBC's Chris Connelly. This Sunday rocket man Elton John will move from playing the piano. To playing the game. As the pop legend who's hot -- with royalty. -- last Wear a crown of his own. No Pepsi four U. I -- Pepsi ad that will air during the Super Bowl welcome to -- court how do those robes feel heavy. And how people walked around in these kind of things all the years ago without an air conditioning -- -- -- and she. Those shows are very reminiscent maybe give your pinball wizard perform -- months months more. I used to Wear tight infield foods these -- just let me three I would -- So I said to the north but in the on years of history I used to be six foot four now I'm back to fight relates. -- and saddened to walked do you do. Saying I -- -- the -- that they'll who stars in the -- along with X-Factor winner Melanie Amaro. And I was -- -- being talent so well. It's too much claim the world once the vehicles took charge of interviews press photographs published he -- do you still love that stuff back in the I still love it but I was have had the you know the life experience to back it up with I'm not -- -- I think the thrust into the Lima on television of them got to go and learn that trade on stage. We did it the other way around -- -- onstage. But what you like where young artists to do -- to have careers like you. It's still the same premise if you -- -- now you have to play live and you have to try and right here -- songs. What do you like about being part of Super Bowl Sunday civil role is always an event -- -- -- way you on the world he'll sit down and once again. -- yeah it's a great American occasion. Built in this -- with New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft who -- experienced both great victory. And deep personal loss this season. Nicky Hilton ready to -- even more vocal lead during the game. We you like shake your fist of the screen you -- oh yeah are you kidding me -- -- what's -- without being passionate c'mon you live with -- on your mouth I scream of the television. I'm hoping for a patriots were initiative because Robert Kraft is my dear friend. And he lost his lovely wife -- this year and I would love the pictures to -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- expects even his own blue -- gravy thirteen month old son Zachary with partner David Furnish to be getting into the big game are you raising your. Son to be a football fan I hope so you have an eight year old so he's a little young but he does like -- already he's too young to -- the -- but he kicks the ball and he loves it. He likes watching soccer on the TV credits chase after -- don't you go off my god -- -- he's not quite -- Kenya but he will be. I think I'm going to be getting a lot of that exercise of. Meanwhile there's every chance -- -- travel and tonight on a plane. But the moment his portable so can come with us. He's been to Hawaii twice Australia Italy from Singapore. Canada -- -- where we go that's going to be a little more difficult -- when his four years old we take him to school. I want to be that a much more when his school. One place -- won't be going middle of the field at halftime. Where his alright for fighting for enemy Madonna is this year's entertainment why would you never do a Super Bowl halftime show I've never seen a decent month. Never ever never ever what would your advice be to Madonna this year make sure your -- -- that. You'd want to play alive wouldn't you know. Of course you have to play -- -- but I don't think you count in all pfennigs to everyone has done before I think. Maybe it was sing live but it's re how to play -- I cease to be honestly I saw the -- -- criticized Obama's ridiculous. What sounds like it's good to be the king. I loved being McCain but as the size be too -- to think about too many things inside the set off for their -- -- god -- -- -- became prevail or at least allow. Good Morning America Chris Connelly ABC news Los Angeles.

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{"id":15471059,"title":"Elton John Crowned Pepsi King in New Ad","duration":"4:33","description":"ABC's Chris Connelly spoke with the star about football and fatherhood.","url":"/GMA/video/elton-john-crowned-pepsi-king-super-bowl-ad-15471059","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}