Emeril's Breakfast in Bed: Steak and Egg Panini

TV chef discusses the launch of his annual 'Breakfast in Bed' Mother's Day competition on "GMA."
3:00 | 03/14/13

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Transcript for Emeril's Breakfast in Bed: Steak and Egg Panini
who's that handsome guy. Who is the guy on the back of the box and says everything we need to say. Emeril, "good morning america." Mother's day is coming up. 13th year, by the way and you'll be showing us some of the meals that you will actually be serving for the winner of our breakfast in bed. That's right. Well, here's what we'll do today, sam. We'll make two dishes. We'll make a panini with steak and eggs. We'll saute mushrooms and onions and garlic in some oil and scramble some eggs as I'm doing right here preferably in a -- mom deserves a steak for breakfast. She works hard all year. Oh, and look at that. It is just perfectly seared on that side. You can use a rib eye. You can use sirloin, whatever you want. Now what we'll do is take the english muffins, once the steak is cooked this is rare to medium rare, you'll let it rest a bit butter the muffins and layer the scrambled eggs with muffins, steak on top, cheese is optional, either cheddar cheese -- put these in -- no, all in there. Into the panini. And form a sandwich like this. What we'll do is put them right in and fry them up. Put them right in there. Assemble them. Do the press. It'll press real good. Now, watch this. How are you doing? How are you doing, emeril. So this is what they look like after there pressed. That's hot, sam. All right. That's hot. Perfect for me. Here's a little plate -- I don't need a plate. Here's a napkin. You do need that. I need a napkin. This is a hot one. So, elizabeth, cut that in half for me. With your emeril knife. Yeah, there you go. So here's another thing, so we got a bunch of these steak and egg sandwiches but then look at this. This is what I call a little lyonnaise. And frisee and just sunny side egg, salt and pepper and then what we do is put a little aoili and with the steak sandwich if you want, you can do a little of this seracha. How hot is this? Here's the deal. Does your mom deserve breakfast in bed? Yes, she does. Find out how you can nominate your special mom for emeril's mother's day breakfast in bed. Listen, don't miss it.

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{"id":18728756,"title":"Emeril's Breakfast in Bed: Steak and Egg Panini","duration":"3:00","description":"TV chef discusses the launch of his annual 'Breakfast in Bed' Mother's Day competition on \"GMA.\"","url":"/GMA/video/emeril-breakfast-recipes-steak-egg-panini-lyonnaise-sandwich-18728756","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}