Emeril Lagasse vs. Mario Batali: The Winner Is?

Who will make the best dish from the secret ingredient: bacon?
5:03 | 02/02/12

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Transcript for Emeril Lagasse vs. Mario Batali: The Winner Is?
Gentlemen princess and the kids aren't seconds ball. Is running free. Thank you -- -- job. Not -- several other like us. Privately run out and -- cook off our chefs have put the final touches on their traditions we open up. Do they can't -- surprise some of the secret ingredient bacon you know normally have to wait to -- -- -- a little happy. -- dance -- do it now because it. Now you know wonderful all right and we'll tell us what you prepared it. Actually got tradition why. I got off to a little blue little brown sugar -- in -- With the big in the local cheese omelet. Smothered pork charge and a big can grieving with the -- Smiling -- -- and yeah. So. Cole who -- I may -- this is -- Guatemala and tonight. This is the traditional blue Catania elementary TI announced weighs one jolly -- -- It's -- and look at Jamie I have taken a fresh legacy and wrapped it in on chestnut cook should serve real -- even -- salad. I'm gonna have a Bruce gets done with DLC. Bacon lettuce and -- -- But to be my -- yeah. They have over the Montgomery. I thought the same -- -- right that he Jordan o'clock am all right we. Simply don't know the -- was the -- yeah. There is because I was in between him and we're -- don't worry. -- that members of our audience. Judge may -- right. So you don't have details you can put nothing down for a minute -- -- -- -- -- -- -- holder orient house and I don't act -- Grab he got it's gonna take of an imminent based on the. -- math. It was not a lot of -- him. So take time saver. This is this is -- -- books. I must have a life satellite companies. -- Colonial. He's got a lot of good data sent us this. Well thank you. Magistrate if you're into -- -- the latest gene expression that you could even the amount of some analysts -- -- that -- about anything. I'm ready with a 1000 hospital I'm not only known in this -- -- on guys don't -- he's right on coming upon national TV don't want community here. -- -- -- -- -- Let's the Christiana. Throughout get an hour and a half on this segment every time -- Five. And I think the children. Really what I'm doing all right we're really proud -- By -- under -- you don't -- the ticket I'm ticket dynamic -- Kennedy wanna put them down. And yeah yeah yeah boring -- -- want a little. -- -- Then we go. Here. -- illusion what we're only one. -- For so long. During the Casey had a house yeah. -- you don't and he. -- Yeah that's right. -- I -- -- here. Home right here. -- -- We -- -- and I usually is gonna do not worry we have a large screw here all of us will be consumed and Obama. -- -- -- and I'm -- idols and buddy we're gonna have to get your votes aren't. OK can you don't first -- you have you you. Anybody not a good idea out of -- -- near zero this. Yeah. She's -- and all. -- -- to go to -- and yeah. Digital tiebreaker for the tiebreaker. -- Here's another yeah. Oh yeah. Okay. -- -- you can find out more. Or how about chefs make change on our website Good Morning America dot com on Yahoo! and you can rely on the weekdays --

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{"id":15497143,"title":"Emeril Lagasse vs. Mario Batali: The Winner Is?","duration":"5:03","description":"Who will make the best dish from the secret ingredient: bacon?","url":"/GMA/video/emeril-lagasse-mario-batali-winner-famous-chef-bacon-cook-off-15497143","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}