Emeril Lagasse Takes Over Busy Mom's Kitchen

Famous chef changes lucky mom's night after running into her at grocery store.
5:15 | 03/21/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Emeril Lagasse Takes Over Busy Mom's Kitchen
This -- invited friends over for lunch and suddenly get an assist from. The one and only Amaral who got -- you know -- -- what happened at one busy mom went down during -- -- this supermarket when you're. She was shocked and she. About that in just a minute first at. Take a look. But -- take over a -- watch. Target Elizabeth the -- A stay at home mom planning a small kids together -- -- -- surprise secret weapon chef extraordinaire. And -- gossip. These Plainfield we have total was -- that she inmates following her to provide easy party tips to viewers. Pork. Fat little did she knows she will not be doing the cooking just a few feet away -- -- -- searching the -- -- -- Getting ready to get -- unsuspecting Elizabeth the surprise of -- life. -- -- -- -- Go find that was at sixth. And she's getting ready to get ambushed. -- this special. Critical you -- pretty Elizabeth's. Dad you know why am I didn't you -- asked -- what life. I'm about ready to ambush you people are not fighting. -- with a meticulous triple -- -- law that's right there. This you know what I'm coming home -- you you are not worried -- could imagine resolutely hollering I think it came from the unit beginning abortion advocate for. But what -- you think about making. Cooler in any case that would about a -- change that a change is there only got the main thing. -- -- -- but that's something a little more -- Fine we'll talk about a menu over I think I wish -- putting me through creative -- -- -- -- Soon we'll have to go international -- -- -- I'm like Hawaii and this is how I have a great value through the issue. -- -- -- the -- he creates quite a story. All right I want except of course when it comes -- -- -- -- -- one number. Another -- won't know I don't know I could get even celebrity -- the ticket number only in New -- home. But that's what the shopping complete it's time to get down the business knowledge she's been ambushed and knowledge on the -- With -- only an hour -- the guests -- Campbell takes over her kitchen. -- -- -- And -- her how little tricks to make a fix it. We're trying to do just Worcester and for -- in the brutal war should get a little sweeter. And just like that begins the work his magic making it all looks so easy. You can Rich's former like get a little help them very moment comes -- -- And Elizabeth gets a few tips for the master along the way. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Fight these tomato -- -- really. Pretty basic -- last minute touches. The gas have a -- pond behind. Time for phase two and the second ambush Elizabeth unsuspecting -- several high for -- better or. Watches the action from a monitor. -- online and they -- -- -- changed the -- a little bit but I'm a little fast for girlfriends have no idea who was about the hijack their party and did have. A little bit -- and didn't have to actually didn't -- -- fountain of morning. Why don't you. I'll becomes -- little. Our friend Elizabeth. Has been ambush fighting this silent about. Like and so -- you busy moms -- you know sit back and I'll take. And. Tradition -- you. And just like that -- ladies' lunch went from simple to spectacular. One of the most famous chefs in the world made the moms dream come true that the it's. Now -- outfits and hey here's. -- to lunch ladies and mission complete. Okay. But not -- he's losing an idea what we change out of the shrimp scampi. Surprise for her friends -- they would just shocked she was shocked -- -- she's a great lady and her friends really cool we -- it was a really much time and really. Those numbers right all right here right -- right it doesn't out of its electric -- gas you can do that. And off it'll help you should you -- in theory glad you got it. -- hasn't affected. That's right that it was judges you did not.

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{"duration":"5:15","description":"Famous chef changes lucky mom's night after running into her at grocery store.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"15969561","title":"Emeril Lagasse Takes Over Busy Mom's Kitchen","url":"/GMA/video/emeril-lagasse-takes-busy-moms-kitchen-15969561"}