Emeril Lagasse's Chuck Wagon Chili

Famous chef prepares recipes from his new cookbook, "Sizzling Skillets."
4:33 | 11/03/11

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Transcript for Emeril Lagasse's Chuck Wagon Chili
And how much -- care act. I'll warm on a chilly fall morning and -- his latest book. It's called sizzling skillet and one pot wonders on the -- and while winners yesterday but you know what it's got some great mouth watering recipes -- let's start that we wanted to -- working for different. They -- different -- the one that we're gonna demonstrate is -- what we called chuck wagon Julie. But to beat Chile. We didn't shock me what more do season -- salt and -- why would -- that we're gonna take a combination is twice as Elizabeth OK we're gonna take some big leagues. -- to take. Chili powder. There's a lot of Chile -- humans seats in the election client network cinnamon. And brown sugar -- and brown sugar and again it is spicy and sweet it's spicy -- the same time a really good so we believe that. For right now. The next thing we're gonna do. Isn't gonna stop running this is shocked me. You wanna do it if you just like you gonna make us do and did it had to be checked sweeter can it be any kind of -- -- can be put the thing it. What kind of slow -- that. Each local this basically it's gonna get nice and tender in a local. The little brown the -- you just -- -- doesn't normally get around after I set it aside I'll show you that the second hi George. Even though not -- -- after the meat is brown race he won all the old buddies down there OK -- Josh. And this is same skillet or yes OK now we're gonna do was gonna take an inch. -- Can't for the heat we're -- -- probably hope that. Little carried out if -- that we informing police also garlic sexy yup but once it's cooked yet that he -- -- scrape the bottom Donald little bit. But not once that happened what we're gonna do about 68 minutes -- add the tomato. This is totally optional OK here and here. And all you need man. Reverend Wright not quite so let's move on it would -- tomato paste and he has been that -- -- will become the. And watch -- -- look good. -- actually what does she do damage who's down -- -- -- George. Which just doing so now what happens horse spice mixture is that going got -- -- that -- would -- right here. This is what we're gonna do now -- -- in a slow cooker we're gonna take up round shocked me. This goes right inside here since I got to meet -- -- they'll watch this and get out vegetable want to put down -- -- an actual. Yeah it will have to shorten. -- -- -- chocolate this is -- arena which is the -- -- -- -- is going to be the thickening plot of this attack. Didn't want to show -- heroic -- and lots of parsley. Double damages bulletin shortly the chocolate is just gonna given -- rich really tasty flavor. I'll look at this little at this in here. Never -- have. The salon drove and the last -- allowed -- right right inside here not it's a slow cooker here. -- it said it six hours just six hours. That'll help walk away and don't start earning not didn't just leave and walk away six always the most tender tender Chile. So this could chuck wagons and -- I want to tell people listen you have -- those -- this and you want -- -- -- what -- -- noticed over the slow -- you gonna have to at a little Spock who was the Marcelino. That is what a ticket and up -- you wanna add a little bit of stock the next day you also have three other kinds of Chile while there's one right here this is a chicken chili. It has corn edged up Mexican spices and a half a -- born and -- big. -- hasn't corn bread stomping on top of that. This is my right hand man is really delicious it's a Turkey in white V Julie that's my favorite it's called -- and has great twice as fluid -- This great and -- a vegetarian. But -- but that hasn't rentals -- being -- Pinto beans -- connect -- down really really slow and all the latest Kamal. You can spice it up as much as you want. All of them. Romantic guy and you're just you can do on the stove top if you don't have a slow -- you don't know -- -- -- really really low heat. Because it's really slow and low was really what the secret is to a great -- it's thanks that is indeed -- you -- -- get the -- you -- America's Got Talent god.

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{"duration":"4:33","description":"Famous chef prepares recipes from his new cookbook, \"Sizzling Skillets.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"14872710","title":"Emeril Lagasse's Chuck Wagon Chili","url":"/GMA/video/emeril-lagasses-chuck-wagon-chili-14872710"}