Emeril Lagasse's Sausage and Walnut Stuffing

Chef prepares his favorite sides that will make your Thanksgiving dinner unique.
4:05 | 11/22/11

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Transcript for Emeril Lagasse's Sausage and Walnut Stuffing
-- -- -- civilian and then. All are -- every -- of the Turkey but. Besides he cannot forget them to me that's what makes the -- stuffing or dressing. -- -- something -- -- and is so busy dressing yeah. -- cornbread dressing my mom makes Portuguese dressing and actually -- -- stuffing. So -- -- ready let's make some stuff my eligibility here. Quite so this is. A little different like I could have done Childers -- dollar -- what -- -- -- -- traditional -- -- -- will not -- with a little bit of water. And then we're gonna have some onion. And a little celery really really this is just traditional Arab Lithia -- -- -- salt and pepper got a season -- And it would -- to stop now that's exactly to the point bar where we're at right here about six right minute you can see right here -- novel gonna have. -- Marty brown sausage -- these -- notes lead guitar and thought. Not spicy immediately goes YC absolutely I Wal-Mart she's not you can usual cons you can use dominoes and some dried cranberries. Fresh partially. And some city -- luxury startled look like us that thanks Donna -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- over here not what we're gonna do isn't gonna take three -- We're gonna crack -- We got -- a little bit like a quorum report a couple Green. And a mobile gonna do did -- list ocean Pena. And then what we're gonna do it -- -- the chicken broth. Apparently you want me nowhere near. I don't I don't act I wanted to show coming up next -- American and right in there it's not clear -- -- -- Josh yeah. No way. Why don't you bring him -- bring -- -- and aircraft. So you admit mixed up another great stuff -- got to let it -- a little bit out. So what does so -- that let them know in the eggs. And the job rob exactly. You gotta put that in the casual even a big -- 375. Degrees there's the great thing you can do this the big -- -- really short yes and in the morning -- -- -- You could get even as more flavor when he -- -- that's why -- let's do another one mile where I've got right -- initial wall of water this is just wall much you can do any none of the and what we're gonna do is just melts down and -- -- gonna do -- -- gonna take cable. And likes to manage its spots were -- -- -- it finishes. -- -- So we're gonna -- this. Salt and pepper that simple honey maple walnut bottom -- -- -- -- -- he'd -- walnuts and you can just post them a little bit it would -- -- -- water. Salt and pepper and you just -- -- that it's your alternatives you and they'll bring in Alan well not only got this is really really good for you do lot of vitamins etc. Now let's talk about the selling the idea. Great just talk about. -- So I took players. Right now they're very seasonal. -- -- -- He's a quorum whatnot quorum just won't have -- good things have -- there. -- I'm need. Bob crumbled blue jeans some news and a Maytag American -- -- he continues brokered. And then pomegranate seeds that poured all levels sprinkle lamb it makes an awesome awesome shot shall we have a -- and fair. -- that night and Maytag blue jays would pomegranate which. We have killed walnut bottom and toasted walnuts premiums Watson stuffing right here also wallet -- get all the recipes on our website at. Good Morning America and --

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{"id":15006217,"title":"Emeril Lagasse's Sausage and Walnut Stuffing","duration":"4:05","description":"Chef prepares his favorite sides that will make your Thanksgiving dinner unique.","url":"/GMA/video/emeril-lagasses-sausage-walnut-stuffing-15006217","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}