Emeril Lagasse's Thanksgiving Leftover Ideas

The famous chef shares some recipes to make with your turkey-day extras.
3:57 | 11/25/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Emeril Lagasse's Thanksgiving Leftover Ideas
Who better to turn that into some delicious milk and our good friend and -- -- not just not an -- look at Turkey sandwich I don't know that I didn't know I'm -- looked out of Turkey sandwich. We'll stuffing cranberry sauce and -- terrific -- look. But a -- of -- -- that you cook sounds on the wild world science from the us I asked him. You can usually black beans red means quite means -- -- avenue featuring. And a little -- at chili's -- can really -- and this is not any -- this is not part of what what I want to prevent mitigate leftover Turkey Cassidy Lovett. I'm -- OK yeah. Let's got some great -- And have to be just a Turkey -- a little salt. Chili pepper brilliant and a little cayenne pepper. We got we got a lot of legal -- -- seasoning dictates that if you really like get fiery as I do -- you get in there with the -- in the -- I'll watch this. So that's what it looks like after a few minutes tackle -- Don -- okay so now we have -- filling and kept it here. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- So there's -- gonna -- It's just you ready finished -- -- yep yep we -- flour tortilla hook up. We're gonna take some leftover Turkey -- what that right in here. -- gonna take I've been -- -- But the put that right in here. Knowledge as to kill him guy pepper Jack cheese really. And I. The pepper Jack cheese is going to be great pulled it over and then -- down. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Feel like this polluted boil down. Glad to -- a deal right inside the van. Did not know. So Bob what happens is we have the Tanzania and we're gonna -- that as I did right here. Look at us is that nice and warm. Outlook it's -- and Tanzania -- Also little solid Green. I'm just don't read and then go right in everything go right in the. Okay. I don't know about it. So we have a -- because -- -- instead of just a -- Turkey -- -- that wasn't enough project itself. -- -- the leftover stuffing. -- shaped like a little change. Almost like a little cramping my guess stopping -- I next metadata right down because it doesn't have to be just what -- chicken -- -- did -- -- took a little bit helps us manage you can see how well that is and yeah she begged him not watch this. In the coming year. We take -- -- And over there right -- -- And then look at it and if you want a piece of Turkey. On your -- no problem look at. All right look. I want you to try to way to try to all right we have up for you guys you know court -- they can go to small and and I'd have to like get you gotta get -- a little -- -- -- submitted a little bit every little -- of the stuffing -- -- all -- -- -- -- them. Well let me get -- I'm coming I'm gonna wait didn't it didn't -- -- all right all right here we don't read. Nearly -- -- and. A don't know -- yeah. If you look at -- Come on -- who.

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{"id":15028004,"title":"Emeril Lagasse's Thanksgiving Leftover Ideas","duration":"3:57","description":"The famous chef shares some recipes to make with your turkey-day extras.","url":"/GMA/video/emeril-lagasses-thanksgiving-leftover-ideas-15028004","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}