Mom Unites With Marrow Donor Who Saved Her Child

Nicole Moore, winner of Emeril Lagasse's Mother's Day contest, meets Kristen Eisinger.
4:25 | 05/10/13

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Transcript for Mom Unites With Marrow Donor Who Saved Her Child
The cold this isn't this is Robin Roberts can you can you hear me. Yeah oh yeah. Oh great look for talking regulations and when your mother in laws that make your -- your message it is literally took my. Breath away but we want to know how is Laurie doing these days at home -- -- -- -- She's got -- like a normal little girl. We couldn't be happier with how she's doing you know where. We're just enjoying being under a normal family you know taking swimming weapon then going to the -- didn't. Excited for her to start pre -- in the. The -- how wonderful what she looks as healthy as can. We've got a lot of love and support there. Nicole and -- be yeah but there's somebody very special. In the crowd and -- what their -- to bring her up right now you are about to meet for the first time. The young mom who saved her daughter's lives. The moment Robin. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Call it isn't right -- as a speculative day that a woman who save your daughter's life. You know wired. This -- -- if I ever heard you don't see that. But what she did -- -- complete strangers -- main -- she -- hero and I didn't I didn't lovers -- -- It'll be upon. And. You -- your whole thing Lauren and -- and how do you encourage others to. To register and be a donor. Everyone just needs to go -- not. It's -- so important. We'll be imaginative as well when though hopefully we can do that. By the end of the day and -- some people signed up. As you do through a special and I definitely tried as more than two -- now don't -- Well -- play Robin. And everybody out there in America we have a few surprises first -- -- -- just wanna say that our good friends at thomas' English muffins were so inspired by your story. They're gonna give you a check for 5000 dollars. Okay. -- I gotta tell you. Atlantic they weren't quiet that thomas' English muffins is not only -- provide your family. But -- Stanley with practices for an entire year. And then our parent company -- visiting my good friends and guess what. They're gonna open up the magic kingdom. So both your families to go spend some time together and have a great time -- all of -- But most importantly. OK it wouldn't be breakfast in bed. Without breakfast -- -- Do you -- let's check. The call you -- Take the -- quiet Kristin. -- shepherd dog fight blueberry pancakes. -- Can be okay right about it thomas' English muffins of cost and a beautiful fruit salad. All right both -- you. Very special models. -- -- -- -- You -- -- -- floor and you want to bite all right. Well what can I say Robin. Back to you -- -- -- -- Special moment. We'll be right back.

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{"id":19151104,"title":"Mom Unites With Marrow Donor Who Saved Her Child","duration":"4:25","description":"Nicole Moore, winner of Emeril Lagasse's Mother's Day contest, meets Kristen Eisinger.","url":"/GMA/video/emeril-legasses-mothers-day-breakfast-bed-contest-mom-19151104","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}