Emeril's Herbed Cheesy Eggs on English Muffin

World-famous chef kicks off "Mother's Day Breakfast-in-Bed" contest on "GMA."
4:38 | 02/29/12

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Transcript for Emeril's Herbed Cheesy Eggs on English Muffin
The mom you know -- something special for all she does. That's someone's thought that something special to have this man right here -- -- got becomes do not know eclectic -- has been a bad. Just for her -- our twelfth year -- W Atlanta where is our dear friend Sam his mom pushed you over here kind of but she she deserves breakfast and -- -- if you cookies acknowledges he gets little attention. And some of great moments -- you go out. So -- memorable Ghazi happy Mother's Day flight television homes it's our favorite annual tradition. -- -- celebrating moms across the country with screams. And hugs and most of all. -- -- -- -- Year after year -- gone from celebrity chef. The secret agent this is so exciting sneak furan in the wee hours of the morning enterprise in a letter -- that knock on the door. Just want to. Emerald breakfast in bed a little shocked so we have my friend we have -- the chance to honor some amazing mom. Who have give it everything for their children. And -- -- That we mother today. And so for 1 special morning. And we give them everything we can't in return a brass band a round of applause. If I don't want the. Of course the actual breakfast -- well. Yeah. Celebrating one mom. The way we wish we could celebrate all -- Do we wish it could celebrate all moms like Sam's mom. Who joins us right now welcome to have you here with us so tell us all right well. Under very very simple breakfast we've got those -- -- and don't we scramble from up a little bit of milk some salt pepper and with that report. -- yeah and I've got a little bit of I got a -- I got -- fresher herbs and if we don't I'm gonna go and just like this right now here we don't -- be nice and fluffy it could don't know why he got on several low heat for -- -- -- I have lacy -- Josh -- medium high -- yes. -- whatever kind of protein you want -- we'll just gonna scramble men's. Things -- very simple. And with very simple it is also very reasonable hash browns now the whole thing is moving to scramble -- you can give me to change now. Kind of put it and right now. Perfect financing calling them like they're always welcomes it toasting the all they admitting or not just any hope not while the current little paragon and contrive. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- the scrambled ignition rambled about greatness and I scrambled -- -- -- please point that was anything but. -- we've got some great -- around here the movement that we have with. Some chili peppers saute bell peppers as well law I think a lot of people don't realize that of red pepper has more vitamin C than an -- -- -- -- -- You know and -- not what you gonna take this drug credit ready to go but right on a year ago. Give me some -- on -- -- from. -- -- -- Perfect Lawler. They are all all novel gonna gonna shouldn't. Who. Arsenal gonna -- with a little bit. More king a little more cheese and -- on this by 1011 just about anyone who -- here we go yeah. Sam. Off time for breakfast let me currently more -- and I shall hash browns should. And great English muffins -- she she -- mom mom. Now sham it's so great -- how we have fruit salad and what we doubled down Robbins -- just -- freshman. In a little bit of money. -- And Afghanistan don't cut they're selling once they have uncovered -- time. -- -- -- Part of just do they did fantastic you the -- -- the same goes for the potato -- -- yeah. You're selling itself local honey give -- some movement of freshman and aren't judged that -- -- But -- okay. Yeah. It -- to -- it out of your first clue a look at something that's roughly thank you hear that you have to break point. And if you know someone special. Who deserves this man to come knocking on your door will -- the twelfth the -- I cannot believe that you want to find out more information. Go to Good Morning America dot com on Yahoo! to find out how you can go about entering.

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{"id":15815965,"title":"Emeril's Herbed Cheesy Eggs on English Muffin","duration":"4:38","description":"World-famous chef kicks off \"Mother's Day Breakfast-in-Bed\" contest on \"GMA.\"","url":"/GMA/video/emerils-herbed-cheesy-eggs-english-muffin-15815965","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}