Emmys 2012: Louie C.K. Interview on Two Wins

The comedian on winning awards for two separate projects.
3:00 | 09/24/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Emmys 2012: Louie C.K. Interview on Two Wins
Boy I can be in the icu the I don't see live as Miami -- it is it. I would ask you which one took better but -- -- well what a night for you. I mean -- I was pretty cool I'm really glad I won the first of those four because and it just you know then nothing else matters shirts handed over to -- words. Excerpts here. Hope for one in -- -- -- -- -- -- the second one was great that's all of the project through so I felt. -- Yeah that's really nice and it's nice -- how do you. You describe your show because it's not -- straight up. Nazi leaders estranged -- I hope it's usually funny you know when it's not a hopeless. Just -- weird. New York City show. It is something that. You all sorts yourself doing it you know I don't know and until I came up with -- you know I mean it's kind of brings to get a lot of things they do -- -- As -- you know nothing else this is. Media little mainstream acceptance of at least it's it's it's a confirmation that people out there watching and -- and well without these. I have my own team that I get to shoot him write and act -- -- we one. People watch it and like it and then it gets you stand up comedy -- -- film it happens so. That security means it's not like the finally he's working for a living exactly -- it's really nice literally -- On the case it's really nice to have outs for the people who work -- Confidence and you certainly comedy inspections show it your -- in the billions you're going to me this current crisis this is this -- its estimate. Well no -- still all the years that have been there far outweighed by the group. I -- is 25 years of relative obscurity so those are still the dominant memories like. Last and it comedian friends. That into. And implement plans -- whose. Who is who is the alpha right now it's you and a couple of pieces of -- where -- Big fan and really. Actually -- twice over appreciate that thanks.

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{"id":17311024,"title":"Emmys 2012: Louie C.K. Interview on Two Wins","duration":"3:00","description":"The comedian on winning awards for two separate projects.","url":"/GMA/video/emmys-2012-louie-ck-interview-wins-17311024","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}