Emmys 2012 Results: 'Modern Family' Cast on Wins

Julie Bowen and Eric Stonestreet talk to Josh and Lara after their Emmy wins.
3:00 | 09/24/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Emmys 2012 Results: 'Modern Family' Cast on Wins
Let's get back josh and lara for the emmy after-party. That's right, george. And the way we go yet again. Have we really stopped lara? No, actually, we haven't. And why would you want to? This is the biggest night in television, and we got to catch up with some of the biggest stars of the night. Including none other than "modern family's" julie bowen and eric stonestreet who took home two of the four statues that the country's comedies took home again. It was "modern family's" night, and boy were the stars talking tab afterwards. Julie bowen in the house, everybody. Congratulations. Thank you so much. Thank you. You're giddy? I really am. I'm sort of beside myself. I feel a tiny bit guilty, but I'm going to get over it. How is that, because obviously there's the sofia thing. Sew fofia is amazing. I really didn't think i should write the speech. How do you feel about your colleague stonestreet? It's undeniable. He's very good. It's very nice. I'm humble. When they opened up the envelope what did you think? It's awesome. I didn't think I was going to win this year. My parents are in town. My sister is in town. I know they're proud of me because they know the struggles and ups and downs to be an actor. It's not digging ditches, but it's hard work. It is aficult journey. I didn't come up with that concept and idea, but I'm certainly proud to be the given one for my work. What was it like for your parents, what was it like to share it with them? Well, I gave it to them. I took it home, my first one from "good morning america," i gave it to them. Winning an award is enough. I was in a bowling league once, I got a trophy. This is special. I'm happy to have one for myself now to keep in my house.

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{"id":17308465,"title":"Emmys 2012 Results: 'Modern Family' Cast on Wins","duration":"3:00","description":"Julie Bowen and Eric Stonestreet talk to Josh and Lara after their Emmy wins.","url":"/GMA/video/emmys-2012-winners-modern-familys-julie-bowen-eric-17308465","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}