Emmy's 2012: Brooke Burke Searches for the Perfect Gown

The "Dancing With the Stars" host prepares for TV's biggest night.
3:00 | 09/21/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Emmy's 2012: Brooke Burke Searches for the Perfect Gown
I want to talk about the emmys. The party, I hear it there with that deejay. But the emmys are going coast-to-coast this morning. I am in l.A., Where the stars are getting ready for tv's biggest night. Thank goodness I'm getting help from our viewers who will help me decide what I will wear on the red carpet. It's fun to involve you, our voters. Also, we went along with brooke burke as she scoured the city for thaterfect gown. What in a world is a girl to wear to the season's ultimate red carpet event? So many dresses. In my fashion frenzy, I enlisted the help of superstylist, joe zee. I don't want to be -- I want to BE JOE ZEE'd. How tough is it to get just the right look? We checked in with brooke burke on her dress hunt. And let me tell you, from miss america, to "dancing with the stars," this girl knows all about getting her glam on. When it comes to tackling the court of the red carpet, the queen of the ballroom doesn't mess around. She calls in backup. How are you doing? I missed you. Reporter: A crack team led by stylist to the stars, justin ducoty. We paired some stuff down. You know what? I don't know. That's a beautiful color. Sometimes something like this, that's a little more bold, can either be so right or go so wrong. That's actually very elegant. Simple. IT'S VERY '50s. We'll concentrate on this section over here. I love all these. Who knows? Let's try them on. Gorgeous. Oh, wow. That's amazing. Wow? Kind of special. Kind of special, right? I like the details. But is it wow? Is it -- it wasn't a wow so far. But this is classic. Classic. Gorgeous, isn't it? What do you think? Gorgeous. It could make a statement. Hopefully we'll find a dress. We might not. We have to do jewelry. New car, new home, new diamonds. The jewelry's all borrowed. It's an honor to have that opportunity to dress um like a princess. But it goes back after the show is done. That's adorable. You're a rock star. I would wear this dress to the emmys. Who is this dress perfect for? Katy perry. What is our look? Do we know? I might have to sleep on it. Darn it. They need more margaritas and talk about it more. Done. So, we'll have to wait until brooke steps out on the red carpet at the emmys on sunday. Tune in right here on abc to find out what she decides to wear. And here to talk about fashion

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{"id":17289614,"title":"Emmy's 2012: Brooke Burke Searches for the Perfect Gown","duration":"3:00","description":"The \"Dancing With the Stars\" host prepares for TV's biggest night.","url":"/GMA/video/emmys-red-carpet-2012-brooke-burke-searches-perfect-gown-17289614","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}