Emmy's 2012: Lara Spencer's Dress Search

Elle magazine's Joe Zee helps "GMA" anchor find the perfect outfit for the red carpet.
3:00 | 09/17/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Emmy's 2012: Lara Spencer's Dress Search
We wish usher the best. You're wondering why I have my mini me here. Kate and rebecca and kylie are here with me. We're kicking off the party with the emmys. Josh and I are headed out to hollywood to cover the emmys. We're leading up to our viewers. The one and only creator of "elle" magazine we narrow it down, take a look. I'm here on the streets of new york 0 so I can find the perfect emmy dress for lara. I love that dress. It is so elegant. We always want her to have that. Never want to see the pan of the audience and see someone drooling in this dress. You want them to be comfortable and look fabulous. I want her to look good in something that's strong, fashionable, on trend. Feminine. Gold could be phenomenal for her. We didn't want a strapless. Lara, this dress is calling you -- hello. You are the woman who does the gowns. Lara and I talked about maybe gold. I think this is maybe a nice alternative. Organza with feathers. Definitely, definitely, definitely out of lara's comfort zone but I'm all about pushing people out of their comfort zones. Let's hit the road. Lara, here we come. Hi. I love them. Oh, my gosh, so many dress. I don't want to be safe. Safe is fine. I don't want to be safe anymore. I want to be jozi. I have no idea how this one goes on -- there you are. This is not happening. This is big time hassle. The green one. Guys what do you think? Oh! Looks very pretty. It's very flattering. What do you think about the color? It's pretty. Especially with the weather in l.A. I love the shine. I like it. I like it, too. Is this still too vegas? A little bit, yes. What do you think? I think that you are going to play scarlett o'hara. ♪ two thumbs up! I give it a thumbs up. I like it. The colors, and all of this. Here, high-five -- high-five -- no? Oh! How's that? That could be amazing on. Oh, it's totally couture. I'm going to have to be your train fluffer. This color is good for you. Thumbs up. This is in the mix. I definitely like it in the mix. I really like it. Everybody else is here. I want to thank my trusty stylist. We've narrowed it down to three. Number one. Number two, is this is zac posen. Amy's got number three. Those are the three choices. We leave it up to the "gma" vie viewers. Go to "good morning america" on yahoo! You will see all of the information. What about josh, are we voting for something. What are we doing? Right here. Right here. Quickly, get over there. What? Which socks should josh wear with his tuxedo? Black, red or white -- white! No! Make him wear the red ones or stripes. Red or stripes, not the boring black. No, we're going with that. I've got to say, lara, I love all those gowns. They're beautiful. But that black one is stunning. Well, I leave it up to the "gma" viewers. All right, you know where you can vote. Go to gma.Com on yahoo! And vote. Be sure to tune in september 23rd starting at 7:00 p.M. Eastern. Now to clint eastwood, he made headlines speaking at the

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{"id":17252604,"title":"Emmy's 2012: Lara Spencer's Dress Search","duration":"3:00","description":"Elle magazine's Joe Zee helps \"GMA\" anchor find the perfect outfit for the red carpet.","url":"/GMA/video/emmys-red-carpet-2012-lara-spencers-dress-search-17252604","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}