EMT Allegedly Tried to Hire Hitman: Defense Strategy

Dan Abrams on evidence against a woman accused of trying have her husband killed
1:41 | 03/09/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for EMT Allegedly Tried to Hire Hitman: Defense Strategy
Bring in our legal analyst Dan Abrams and Dan it would really appear that this is an awfully tall mountain for the defense -- how to do it well. In cases like the FC EC one of two types of defense it's either you see blamed the hit man that this what is his plan. We never I never intended for this to happen -- -- Europe or that it was a complete and total misunderstanding. I never wanted my husband killed up. Maybe I wanted him roughed up or not a goal depending on the circumstance we don't know exactly what her defense is going to be in this case. But when you have this kind of -- its. Which is you've got. The notes from her you've got the recordings -- -- -- You tend to see one of those types of defense and we have what would seem to be of a brutal -- witness for the defense this restaurant owner. Making the recordings and then turning these things over to police. Obviously the fulcrum here of the -- -- because it did is no question the defense of this ever goes to trial will go after the Scott. And they will. Say -- he's not telling the truth because if he's actually saying that she wanted her husband dead. The defense has to go after him. And he'll become an absolutely. Crucial -- and so we -- this blog that she was keeping and it really does read as something written by -- the all American mom. And EMT certainly sympathetic figure. But you think that could actually play into the prosecution's hand surely look at the defense will say that perhaps they were happy look look at what -- -- saying in the blog. But what the prosecutors -- do they'll say this was all part of the plan. She wanted to make it seem like everything was going great she wanted the public to think that she wanted to use this later and don't believe a word that she was sent. Again something to certainly keep in mind and it's thank you.

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{"id":15884441,"title":"EMT Allegedly Tried to Hire Hitman: Defense Strategy","duration":"1:41","description":"Dan Abrams on evidence against a woman accused of trying have her husband killed","url":"/GMA/video/emt-hitman-kill-husband-defense-strategy-15884441","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}