Encouraging Job Numbers Released

The economy may be seeing signs of a sustained recovery in 2012.
2:13 | 01/07/12

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Transcript for Encouraging Job Numbers Released
Jobs picture is of course playing a huge role -- battle for the White House and there are new surprisingly encouraging unemployment numbers just out. The country's unemployment rate dropped to eight point 5% in December that's a three year low. And 200000 jobs were created last month but we are still a long way from pre recession levels. So the question this morning candy economy keep up this positive -- ABC's David Curley has a story from Washington and David everyone is now wondering whether 2012. Will be the year of an economic turnaround. You know beyond -- you can really sense of people are asking is this the spark for a broader recovery which let us ask how -- we keep this going. Thousands of those jobs were added in believe it or not. Manufacturing. As well as health care even the troubled construction industry. The right direction we have made real progress. Now's not the time to stop. So the first thing to keep it going Texas. The president has called for in many economists agree that the payroll tax holiday. Needs to be extended beyond February that puts cash in consumers' pockets and when they -- Companies hire more. Which is all about confidence. Consumers need to be competent to spend. And businesses need to be confident that there will be that spending before the expanded add jobs and that is what worries some. Are these numbers just a blip or we actually now on a roll which could gain momentum. As we go through 2000. We'll see their businesses become more confident. Households spend more money jobs get created. But there are economic stumbling blocks out there. -- -- The president and congress able to get very little done remember the debt ceiling battle last summer we could -- re peat this year. And then there are the unknowns and uncontrollable. Europe one of our biggest trading partners -- -- into recession and they still have those big debt problems to solve. And China's economy is slowing -- -- -- us to. There really are no guarantees there's also worry about a spike in oil prices and one economist put -- out to me don't forget the Postal Service is getting smaller. 250000. Postal workers are going to be laid off so we have a lot of things that could trip -- up as we go through the year.

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{"id":15311032,"title":"Encouraging Job Numbers Released","duration":"2:13","description":"The economy may be seeing signs of a sustained recovery in 2012. ","url":"/GMA/video/encouraging-job-numbers-released-economy-sustained-recovery-2012-business-15311032","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}