'The End of Normal' for the Madoffs

Stephanie Madoff Mack's memoir on the effects of her father-in-law's conviction.
3:10 | 10/24/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'The End of Normal' for the Madoffs
Now to an ABC news exclusive for the first time a member of Bernie Madoff Stanley has written a book about how his crimes tore apart the lives of those closest to have. And her beautiful new -- the end of normal Bernie Madoff daughter in law Stephanie Madoff Mack tells her story. Her husband mark. Took his own life in the wake of his father's huge financial crimes -- gonna talk live to Stephanie. In just a moment but first here's -- -- -- acre Chris Cuomo. I've seen here isn't just any way to -- the wedding of Stephanie and more Madoff. I was so happy that day I was just so happy to be -- like He was the son of the legendary Bernard Madoff. The mighty money man of Wall Street me just address. Stephanie was now a part of the Madoff family. And found an instinct closeness with Bernie. He was quiet but there was some being very sweet about his -- I I didn't find it. To be and. What it was there was something more troubling about burning. His obsessive secrecy about his private fund. And how He managed such remarkable returns for his clients -- and -- -- it was Stephanie says in her book. A source of tension between father and son. He said to me Stephanie. I don't have any clue what my father taxes and burning -- police say the same thing you do your job and I'll Duma -- From December 10 2008 she receives a panicked phone call from her husband mark news my father my father's done something really bad. Eventually Bernie pleaded guilty to eleven counts of fraud and theft. And in June received the maximum sentence 150. Years in prison. All made offs were believed to be in on the scam with Bernie. My husband knew nothing. He knew nothing I could tell how He react to it He was in pure shock. And you could see that the trail on his face and in his body. Stephanie and her mother decide to go to Disney World a special trip for her four year old daughter Audrey. Mark stayed behind with Nicholas just 22 months old. The two year anniversary of the scandal had arrived in -- -- a flurry of news reports and speculation once again. Linking more to the sins of his father. It would be a single article that would be marks last straw. Face on my husband fall down that same rabbit hole again I remember I texted him -- -- Blake and -- says this I can't take this anymore. And apparently neither could mark. The next morning Stephanie woke up to two emails from her husband. The first line in the subject line said help. And the contents that please send someone to take care of -- The next one said in the subject line. -- -- the little and it was blank. And I was on it I just -- in my gut that something was wrong something's in very very wrong.

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{"id":14801640,"title":"'The End of Normal' for the Madoffs","duration":"3:10","description":"Stephanie Madoff Mack's memoir on the effects of her father-in-law's conviction.","url":"/GMA/video/end-normal-madoffs-14801640","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}