England's Move to Change Royal Succession Rules

P.M. David Cameron wants to update law that discriminates against females.
2:38 | 10/14/11

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Transcript for England's Move to Change Royal Succession Rules
When -- and -- got married earlier this year they told the world the kids are becoming pretty quickly we don't have any news yet on that front but even before the big day. There's a move to make sure that baby is next in line for the -- no matter what He -- -- -- with more on this and He. The British constitution says if there's a boy in the family -- second -- third warned He gets to be king but there's a -- changed. This is the old -- some 300 years old George you know this could reshape the British market as we know what can change -- like for willing Kate. -- could fix this outdated tradition all in the name. Of girl power. As far as we know the duke and duchess of Cambridge have no baby on the way. But there's a good chance that there as far as we know yet to be conceived -- child will have reason to appreciate this place you're not. Any nation they gave us The Spice Girls have to have a moral belief. In girl power Britain gave us the iron lady Margaret Thatcher who governed as prime minister. And of course Queen Elizabeth herself. What Queen Elizabeth only became Queen Elizabeth. Because she had mills Brothers. The British rules of succession discriminate against girls giving preference to male children if there are any. But now British prime minister David Cameron is taking the first steps to change that. I'm very clear it's an issue that we ought to get so -- not be delighted that part in doing that. Cameron wants to update the active settlement the 310 year old agreement that not only gives women second class that is. But prohibits any ruler premiering Catholic. Well -- would seem to agree it's time for a change change is not easy. Any formal approval from all six -- and the British parliament will need everyone from -- bush -- to. The queen as head of state to sixteen. Minutes 53 -- states. And every one of those sixty has the -- an act of parliament with the change -- -- -- Chris -- will be -- one day no matter if He or she. -- -- -- Texting on his chose -- Kabila's troops. 1520 years and when the guys then as William and He could be on the trip -- twenty since He has. So his children when there's a boy or go first would be coming to him for another fifty instances. There really doesn't seem to -- much opposition in making this change but some traditionalists do you worry that when you start changing how the monarchy works. It opens the door to all those questions. About whether it should exist at all -- -- that -- this could take a longtime -- I think thanks very much.

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{"duration":"2:38","description":"P.M. David Cameron wants to update law that discriminates against females.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"14736212","title":"England's Move to Change Royal Succession Rules ","url":"/GMA/video/englands-move-change-royal-succession-rules-14736212"}