Escaped Wild Animals in Ohio

David Kerley reports on the "exotic" animals that ran loose in Zanesville.
2:22 | 10/20/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Escaped Wild Animals in Ohio
Officially there is still one missing animal this -- -- -- but officials really believe that someone He was probably eaten by one of the big cats another victim of the carnage at this private animal farm. Just up the road here award to our viewers some of the pictures in this story. Are extremely graphic. Nearly fifty wild animals gunned down by police with pistols and high powered rifles big cat's eighteen rare Bengal tigers. Seventeen lions. Animals which have been released from their cages and we're moving into neighborhoods. On one where your emergency and He apparently a lot and on mount Perrier written very shocked at the very -- -- -- -- -- and -- and I you know right arms up high up I appreciate it -- wolf in the parking lot. -- whole lives next to the animal farm and watched in disbelief as -- animals climbed over his fence around five Tuesday night. Well -- New Orleans. -- defense. Came down -- doing deputy sheriff -- backyard. That deputy Jonathan Mary was the second officer on the scene the black. Very then did it turned in my direction in -- directly. A fortune news they would throw my duty pistol fired once judge. Killing -- more instantly. Police say the animals were intentionally released by this man Terry Thompson. Before He killed himself cages were opened fences were cut. Thompson seen here handling a -- club during in New York photo CD model Heidi flew back in 2008. It was an avid collector of exotic animals. -- -- -- -- -- -- The -- person to us. Thompson had just been released from serving nearly a year in prison on a gun felony and had apparently been left by his wife a few months ago. Late Wednesday -- Thompson refused to answer questions from reporters. But ABC news has learned she did cooperate with police to account for the animals. But begged authorities not to take those that remain. There were six animals and they were taken of the Columbus zoo where they're being taking care of mrs. Thompson's in charge of the private form again. The -- to those animals will be decided later and already this is calling for new laws or Ohio the governor's formed a task force talk about whether there should be. Tougher restrictions on these people who own. Wild animals.

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{"id":14776620,"title":"Escaped Wild Animals in Ohio ","duration":"2:22","description":"David Kerley reports on the \"exotic\" animals that ran loose in Zanesville.","url":"/GMA/video/escaped-wild-animals-ohio-accounted-14776620","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}