Robin Roberts Receives Standing Ovation at ESPYs

"GMA" anchor thanked her sister after being awarded the Arthur Ashe award for courage.
3:11 | 07/18/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Robin Roberts Receives Standing Ovation at ESPYs
Turning, now, to the espys. An incredible and special night it was. Robin getting that huge standing ovation from the superstars of the sports world, as she accepted the arthur ashe courage award. And josh was there, in los angeles, for it all. Josh, tell us all about it. It was such an honor, elizabeth. It was wonderful to be with her to receive this wonderful moment. After receiving the award, robin has gone to great lengths to say there's many more deserving than her. But last night in los angeles, it was completely evident that they made the perfect choice. I'm honored to present the arthur ashe award for courage to the most beautiful, strong woman I've ever been around. Miss robin roberts. Reporter: It was a victory lap I couldn't have been happier or more humble to share. Robin accepting the espy's prestigious arthur ashe award for courage, for herunwavering strength. Thank you. Thank you. Reporter: Amidst under thinkable adversity. I realize there's many worthy of holding this honor. Others that have exhibited far more courage, strength and resilience. And it's humbling for me to represent you tonight. I draw strength from you. You give me the courage to face down any challenge. And know that when fears -- when fear knocks to let faith answer the door. Reporter: That contagious warmth, felt by all, including first lady, michelle obama. The beautiful thing about robin is that she treats everyone she meets with such deep respect and kindness. Reporter: And her story sparked this candid moment from LeBRON JAMES. We feel we have adversity that hits us and we start to think about I can't. Or it's too hard. Or we can't do it. Let's think about this moment. Reporter: Robin thanked her fans, her colleagues, doctors and nurses for all of the e-mails and tweets and encouragement alon way and especially -- my big sister, sally-ann. My donor. I wouldn't be standing here. I wouldn't be standing anywhere, if it were not for you. And I thank you for that. Reporter: And as always, finding a way as only she can, to lighten the mood. Very easy to spot sister sally. She's the one that's yes, jesus. Yes, lord. Yes. Reporter: Robin's gratitude. To have my sister's dna. But you will always have my heart. Sally-ann was in full-effect, guys. It was a wonderful thing to see. The ever unflappable robin had a case of the nerves before. Who can blame her? In the end, it was a wonderful thing to hear the oxygen sucked out of that arena. It was a beautiful moment to share. How great you were there for that. And how great for our robin. Josh, I love seeing you walking her down the aisle. You were like a proud big brother. I do want to say very quickly, I was really worried. She had seven stairs and showed up in a floor-length gown. I was like, no jennifer lawrence moments.

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{"id":19697052,"title":"Robin Roberts Receives Standing Ovation at ESPYs","duration":"3:11","description":"\"GMA\" anchor thanked her sister after being awarded the Arthur Ashe award for courage.","url":"/GMA/video/espy-awards-2013-arthur-ashe-award-robin-roberts-19697052","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}