Ethan Hawke Got to 'Live Out a Fantasy' in His New Movie 'Getaway'

The star talks about channeling "the 16-year-old boy inside" him to play a former race-car driver.
3:00 | 08/21/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Ethan Hawke Got to 'Live Out a Fantasy' in His New Movie 'Getaway'
with us this morning, starring in an action-packed new thriller. It is called "getaway." And ethan plays a former race car driver that finds himself in this amazing car, in a race against time to save his kidnapped wife. His following the commands of the mysterious man holding her hostage. And we have a clip. Ke a look. I'm going to go for it. No. Don't go for it. Here we go. That was awesome. It does not stop, the movie. Ethan hawke, we welcome you this morning. Thanks for having me. You play brett magnum. How fun was this role? It's the 16-year-old boy inside me got to live out a fantasy. Just, you know, having the excuse to drive as fast as you can, and ride through any city and any town and bang cars up and knock over oil cans. All of that ridiculously silly stuff. You play a former race car driver, in this race against time. You're getting instructions on what to do next. I was watching the film, thinking about you not being able to get out of the seat. And while it's an amazing car, it's a custom ford shelby gt 500 supersnake. You know what you're talking about. I feel like when you say it with attitude. Yeah. There's always a fire somewhere. It's hard of you mode as an actor when you're in one spot for the film. It's kind of what I loved about the movie. That movie, "speed," all set on the bus. In some strange way, this is -- it was the challenge of this movie. How do you make a character? How do you tell a story from the cockpit of a car, you know? And doing amazing stunts, some of which you did yourself. And the co-star in this, the one and only selena gomez. What was it like to work with the hottest pop star in the world? I don't know. Pretty simple. She -- one of the things that is remarkable about her is how straightforward she is. And she doesn't have a lot of errs about her. She is interested in acting and interested in action movies. And has a lot of love for the whole genre of it. Kind of gets the game. She seems like a very real person. She was just with us on "gma." Did she do a good job? She did a great job. Did she perform out here? She performed in central park. Yeah. I don't know how people have the guts to do that. It would be so terrifying. You have the guts to do your own stunts in your gt shelby supersnake. That's fun. My brother is a green beret in the army. He sent me, you have to learn how to drive. You're a terrible driver. Not in this film. He sent me to a racing school, out in mid-ohio. They taught me how to bang some cars up. Ethan hawke, we thank you so much for being here. Check it out. "Getaway," in theaters friday,

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{"id":20022567,"title":"Ethan Hawke Got to 'Live Out a Fantasy' in His New Movie 'Getaway'","duration":"3:00","description":"The star talks about channeling \"the 16-year-old boy inside\" him to play a former race-car driver.","url":"/GMA/video/ethan-hawke-interview-getaway-moview-actor-live-fantasy-20022567","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}