Eugenie Bouchard Takes Wimbledon By Storm

Young Canadian athlete gains the attention of tennis fans with solid performances throughout the tournament.
3:08 | 07/05/14

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Transcript for Eugenie Bouchard Takes Wimbledon By Storm
cappuccino is not good. Let's to across the pond. All eyes on wimbledon where top-seeded Novak djokovic will face roger Federer tomorrow. But the women's times are set for today, featuring tennis' hottest shooting star. Reporter: Good morning, Ryan and bee Yan in. Eugenie Bouchard is taking the tournament by storm. The Canadian being compared for maria sharapova for her style and her good looks. If she wins today, she'll be the youngest women's champ since sharapova won the title ten years ago. She's the new darling of tennis. Just one match away from being crowd queen of women bl don, and imbledon. 20-year-old tennis sensation Eugenie Bouchard faces the toughest test of her career. Making #geniearmy number one. Hundreds of people have been tweeting you. I mean, there's always a chance to -- that I'll say yes over Twitter. So, you know, keep them coming. Reporter: Bouchard is set to take on Czech Petra kvitova on sent you are court. I'm happy but the job is not over. Reporter: Many are betting she can win it. I think she's come a long way in a short period of time. She's great. She has the winner's aura. I picked her before the tournament. I'm a genie believer. Reporter: It's not just her game that has people talking. She looks really good. A real fighter. Reporter: Not afraid to flaunt her movie star looks. Very attractive. Reporter: She loves a good old selfie, whether it's with bestie Jim parsons or the pope. Which asked who she wanted to most meet? I'm going to have to go with princess Eugenie. Because I was named after her. Reporter: She may have to settle for the duke and duchess of Cambridge, or Jude law and Bradley cooper. We're told her sister, Beatrice, her twin sister, and her younger sister, Charlotte, have flown in. We just learned that princess Eugenie will be in the box along with actress Keira knightley. I'll be there in a heart beat. I hear that prince harry is single. He's a royal. We could set up a love match, not just a tennis match. And you can catch the finals at wimbledon today on ESPN and the men's finals this tomorrow.

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{"id":24436839,"title":"Eugenie Bouchard Takes Wimbledon By Storm","duration":"3:08","description":"Young Canadian athlete gains the attention of tennis fans with solid performances throughout the tournament.","url":"/GMA/video/eugenie-bouchard-takes-wimbledon-storm-24436839","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}