European Airports to Roll Back Liquid Restrictions

European airports will loosen the restrictions on liquids allowed through security in January 2014.
1:52 | 11/12/13

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Transcript for European Airports to Roll Back Liquid Restrictions
Europe is now easing the ban on liquids on planes. Raising hopes that the tsa will soon do the same here in the u.S. David kerley is at reagan international airport with the latest. Reporter: Don't expect to carry one of these through security here in the u.S. Anytime soon. You know the drill. No lid quids larger than three ounces allowed through security. That's changing at european airports. It's an outdated rule. We feel that tsa should be given the tools necessary to keep us safe. Reporter: An ohio company says it has come up with a scanner that can check liquids. And the british are going to try it out, as european countries start to roll back some of the liquid restrictions starting in january. But don't expect to see the same in the u.S. Anytime soon. Why? Well, could these scanners handle the volume of liquids we might want to carry? And more importantly, certain liquids can be combined to build a bomb. A bomb that can do this. U.S. Intelligence agencies learned that terrorists were working on carrying chemicals in containers, including false bottom drink and soda cans, on to planes. If I can get liquids through a checkpoint, I can get it on a plane. I can detonate it at altitude. And the plane is going to come out of the sky. Reporter: The tsa says it is looking forward to relaxing the rules on liquids and is looking to our european partners. But adds this skeptical notes that a liquid scanner, quote, remains a long-term goal. Why a long-term goal? Tsa is looking at a number of companies and a number of ways to scan these products. And no decision is close at hand, george. That's too bad. Now, to the pastor under fire for his role in his son's

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{"id":20860452,"title":"European Airports to Roll Back Liquid Restrictions","duration":"1:52","description":"European airports will loosen the restrictions on liquids allowed through security in January 2014.","url":"/GMA/video/european-airports-roll-back-liquid-restrictions-20860452","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}