Eva Chen's Fashion Favorites

Editor-in-chief of Lucky Magazine shares her top spring trend.
3:00 | 03/19/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Eva Chen's Fashion Favorites
Even ten from Lucky Magazine here to give us a few more tips. -- in the social -- so we've -- -- utilize talent still -- people -- asking questions yes so we are springing into spring allegedly according to ginger so what do you say -- -- this break and we can -- spring into spring clothing -- -- 25 degrees outside I refuse to -- tight back I can't I don't -- say I can't -- dozens the last day I am so ready for spring answer ready for -- spirits and happiness -- sorts fleeing some -- it. Even if you're comfortable do it for -- do it do it -- I'm gonna do it got to suffer for fashion line. It didn't like Norman yeah. I don't even even the social flat daddies and just given up following OK now -- some of the folks are OK -- -- -- wondering about gambling first thing and he. -- Lucky Magazine -- So what clothing trends should be getting rid of not -- -- -- -- street cleaning went like that I mean I'm a big fan of storage just let him move all this winter -- southwest -- optimists. -- really. I don't really believe in getting rid of -- ever the second fashion is quite cyclical thing what I'll come back and so -- you have the space so if you Harris made story. Fine what'd you -- -- is there one thing that was big last year that won't be big this year you know I think. Everything is coming back again you know so it's like it's good to have candy somewhere okay you're certain trends that we love right now we love -- forty sandals believe -- -- not TiVo's or having a moment. So I -- you -- here and that and I -- up behind the weather was like I'll write huge huge caseloads comfort is cool right now. I'm an intimate so this is okay for comfort and I didn't make fun of a lot of my friends I -- -- the Canadian tuxedo often. Atlantic from comments he actually it's cool the school what you you're saying we do have a look at a baby isn't the right combinations -- is right. Yeah yeah. Yeah. Yeah I don't worry about getting -- another hot and this is more -- that lucky with us she's wearing she hasn't the Texans exceed had a she's attacked us. But it's a really cool look I think the key to wearing denim on denim is having like you know. Breaking it up a -- so -- shirt -- patchwork so what kind of like breaks up you know. The head to toe look it's not the Britney and Justin looked. From MTV awards affect many many moons ago when Iraq. Don't -- down and cowboy -- -- -- yeah you know and trust of the -- -- some -- and minimal jewelry that's exactly keep it simple it's all streamlined and it's so important knows he'll say hey I mean there there's some women look like there's a letter. An anti Hyundai Accent and I believe they're from -- to -- -- yeah England's -- and their -- society and we love and navy issue right now I'm into the I think three out of four of us are wearing kind of of the dark place dark -- -- -- isn't expected different yet illustrates that we do have a picture of what went. Rocks about as we have. We're gonna say that out right -- Oh oh and the Indiana -- yeah I did yeah. And that literally -- human can come up. I what not to do what not to Wear it's. It's kind of I still have nightmares post traumatic stress I didn't even need to say why -- -- I -- Arizona winning I don't how whether it wants a moment in time. Yeah. Old school of -- -- if Britney. And repent or you'll remember that I remembered it exactly OK so that some basis to keep in mind but she didn't look great so I'm so glad that -- him -- seven and have little OK supplements don't hold -- silly questions OK we have to go. A couple of -- energy outweighs -- -- seeing lower -- walnut. And -- right at the waist it's a little bit -- event which -- flattering to encompass both of you don't have to kill things. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Editor-in-chief of Lucky Magazine shares her top spring trend.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"22969354","title":"Eva Chen's Fashion Favorites","url":"/GMA/video/eva-chens-fashion-favorites-22969354"}