Eve Hewson Takes on Role in Medical Drama 'The Knick'

Actress' latest role pairs her alongside Clive Owen in new Cinemax series.
2:38 | 08/13/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Eve Hewson Takes on Role in Medical Drama 'The Knick'
this. I think you should wear it all week. She's already worked with Oscar winning directors and actors. Her latest role alongside Clive Owen on "The knick," eve, great to have you here. Welcome to the studio. Now, of course, eve, you grew up with a famous dad and want to tell everyone who it is. You can do that if you want to. He's in you. We've heard of Bono. But you weren't starstruck. You were just his daughter, right? Starstruck with my dad. Yeah. No. He's just dad. Embarrassing. Steven soderbergh, Clive Owen, not embarrassing, wouldn't be for us, they said as soon as they read the pilot the idea behind this thing they knew they wanted in. Did you feel the same way? Yeah, I mean my agent sent me the script and in the e-mail before I read the script it said, Steven soderbergh and I was like, sold and Clive Owen, sold. So -- Yeah. Then I read the script and it was incredible. I know you play a nurse from West Virginia who comes to new York looking for adventure and find it at Knickerbocker hospital and we're about to see a scene, Clive Offen asking for your discretion with a private matter you share. Let's take a look at this. You saw me as no one else here has. I did. But I have a reputation here in the medical community with my colleagues and a perceived weakness could diminish their confidence in me as a leader and sur surgeon and in turn could endanger my patients. I understand. Wow. We're a fan of Clive Owen on the show too. Must be something to stand across from him in these scenes. Yeah, absolutely. He's so beautiful. So beautiful. All right. Write that down. He's incredible. Steven soderbergh didn't ask about your dad but Taylor swift. When I went to meet him, I sort of had all these notes prepared on the character and the time and I thought I was going to go into this really intense meeting but the first thing he asked me was, so, like who is Taylor swift, you know, why does she have all these Twitter followers. Tell me all about that. I detected a little accent there. Do you have to work on that. Yeah, yeah, I do. I had a dialect coach and my dialect coach who was amazing helped me with the accent. You're just stunning. The moment you walked into the studio we were taking a look at the hair and taking it all in. I can't wait to take in the show, eve. All the best to you. Catch eve Hewson in a brand-new episode of "The knick" premiering this Friday on Cinemax with Clive Owen who she says is strunging.

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{"id":24959487,"title":"Eve Hewson Takes on Role in Medical Drama 'The Knick'","duration":"2:38","description":"Actress' latest role pairs her alongside Clive Owen in new Cinemax series.","url":"/GMA/video/eve-hewson-interview-2014-actress-takes-role-medical-24959487","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}