Herman Cain Accuser: 'I Can't Make This Stuff Up'

Ginger White says she, former GOP frontrunner had an on-and-off, 13-year affair.
7:40 | 11/30/11

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Transcript for Herman Cain Accuser: 'I Can't Make This Stuff Up'
Get right -- the woman in the middle this firestorm right now ginger white joins us this morning thank you so much for joining us ms. white and I want to Begin with that fund raising letter mr. -- sent out last night in -- he calls you a troubled Atlanta businesswoman. And says your story is completely false your response. It's very disappointing that he would that he would -- -- troubled. And you know it's it's unfortunate -- I'm not here to. Say anything negative. About mr. -- I'm only here to state. The truth and and what's happened in the past and what is the truth. Well to began our relationship was on and off. For the last thirteen fourteen years this is not a consistent. Love affair that went on. Every day for the last fourteen years so he is correct. When he made that statement. And that as far as I can teller -- what I'm hearing that is the only thing he has been correct. He also says helped -- excuse me Nelson says he's helped you financially. Over the past few years has -- given you money. Yes he -- On what occasions. And I've received. Gifts and money for the last. Two and a half years consistently. Did he ask for anything in return -- that money. No this. Was nothing. This is -- expert for cash. -- one thing I'm struck by is that you you've also shown phone records showing at least 61 phone calls over the last several months even after the physical relationship. And -- an -- and most strikingly just give us earlier this morning phone records from October and November. Showing multiple tax back and forth between you and mr. -- Just as these other stories about sexual harassment allegations are breaking in the press he seems to be calling you. -- in in late October on -- vote on November 2 November 3 November 4 November 5 November 7. November 813 fourteen connecting -- texting you almost want all this month. That's correct are our communication has you know just up until last week. When. You know the leak. Several leaks and then then media the media was. Me they were calling mind my cell phone they are calling. Family members. And just up until last week that was my last contact. With mister -- and you know that the thing is I can't imagine didn't. Waking up 1 morning and deciding. To come out with this if this was not true this has been a very difficult situation for myself. For my family and it's nothing that I am proud of what -- the truth of the matter is. -- -- That's the truth of the matter is when -- entered into this inappropriate. Relationship with mr. -- I was single. I was not married. Mr. -- has been married to throughout the entire relationship. And you know it's it's unfortunate. As far as any proof which as you know I was. Watching several the media shows I would just last night. When you venture into a private. Relationship that you really do not care to share with the public you really don't enter into something like that. Holding onto -- -- holding on to gifts are if they're worried me notes or anything like that to to come out eventually -- -- You have this is what happen and here's my proof what was it absolutely something that. What was the relationship exactly what it was an affair was -- fun was -- sex and nude tell us about it. It was a very casual. Affair and I proud to admit to that. No I'm not. It was a very casual affair that. -- Herman flew me to on several trips that went on several trips with Herman we. One particular trip. Was the Mike Tyson Holyfield fight in Las Vegas. You know last I I can't make this stuff up and then frankly speaking I wouldn't want to make this -- In these tax in the last couple of weeks was he -- you to try to prevent you from telling your story. Absolutely not didn't. The the funny thing about Herman Cain is never in a million years -- he. Probably think that I would speak out on -- and honestly speaking I never wanted to do so what I wanted to come out with this to tell. To tell my side of the story. I came out being very honest and so far. I have been. Absolutely humiliated. Embarrassed. And and I and I look at the women they came out with you know the sexual harassment allegations and you know where it really comparing apples to oranges but it's been very very hurtful. I feel their pain this is a completely different scenario but I'll be honest with -- it's not been fun. And you know have I had financial problems absolutely. Have by -- ever been evicted never. You happy scene where -- resides now. You have the been sued for live former business partner and how do you respond to those who say that -- your credibility into question. Sure I mean I don't think that my situation with his former business partner is any different than any other. Business that may have had a partner and and they've had disputes or disagreements. Did I handle it. You know at the time it was very emotional. And it was upsetting it was disappointing. And you know -- and I'm human and -- it was a mistake I apologized. I actually sent an email stating. You know my apology and and my sincere regret she continues to want to move forward with this when I thought this was the Tibetans and -- -- for money. Finally do you believe that mr. -- is fit to be president -- and his campaign. In my opinion that no I do not. I honestly do not think that he is. In my opinion. Would make a good president. As far as I'm concerned are -- my views are different than his views but but at the end of the day this is not political. This is absolutely not political -- shooting -- campaign to make it out to be that. I'm sorry -- he and his campaign. That's something that he has to look himself in the mayor and ask himself. You know last night -- slept very well. Time telling the truth. I'm not sure what's going on in his head right now but it's it's unfortunate that. Any of this is is going on. This -- thank you for your time this morning. Thank you I appreciate it. We'll -- -- Herman cain's response today.

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{"id":15054201,"title":"Herman Cain Accuser: 'I Can't Make This Stuff Up'","duration":"7:40","description":"Ginger White says she, former GOP frontrunner had an on-and-off, 13-year affair.","url":"/GMA/video/exclusive-interview-herman-cain-accuser-ginger-white-make-15054201","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}