Former Executive Speaks Out Against Scientology

Controversial following faces harsh criticism from a former high-ranking member.
2:57 | 01/06/12

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Transcript for Former Executive Speaks Out Against Scientology
Scientologist. Now facing harsh new criticism from one of its own a former high ranking official Deborah cook. Blast in the church leadership in a weekend email to thousands of current and former members. She target Scientology's fund raising practices and also members to scale back on donations. And she's dinners as he was more and and the church officials are fighting back. Indeed they are good morning to you with a woman who sent this email blast was once one of Scientology's fiercest defenders now she has become a very public critic. One that some say could especially be especially damaging to -- very very powerful church. The church of Scientology's known all over the world for its celebrity members like Tom Cruise. John Travolta and Kirstie Alley and it's also known for its controversies like when a spokesman walked out of an interview with ABC news. Or when a BBC reporter lost it when confronting that same spokesman. Now a new upheaval involving this woman Debbie cook who was a high ranking official for seventeen years. In -- she left the church staff in 2007. She was one of the most prominent members in the entire world -- virtually any -- has been. Involved it's a very long has actually had face time with her as a very respected person. Days ago -- -- sent an email to thousands of current and former church members. In which she says she is still a completely dedicated believer in Scientology's. Which has produced stunning and miraculous results. But that the current president David -- cabbage has accumulated more power within the church -- the founder of the faith L. Ron Hubbard. In vision for any single successor. A charge former church official Marty -- on agrees with. He wanted to make checks and balances they thought that's the way it psychology would. Would -- -- the future what establish. Swore at his best intentions. -- email also complains that the church is engaged in continuous fund raising from its members. And spends too much on opulent buildings instead of promoting the faith. In a letter to ABC news a lawyer for the church says quote she is an apostate apostate are known to be unreliable with respect to their former -- the letter also says -- is quote. Not qualified to speak about church finances. As she never worked for their church of Scientology's international. Which is -- a mother church that controls finances. Marty -- on who the church has called a heretic and a liar says officials are so worried because they know cook's criticism. Could be damaging. This is one very important milestone right here it's like -- big breach in the dike. But it's not the only one. In a flurry of statements ABC news the church defended its construction of numerous church buildings around the world as a way to spread the faith comparing it to the Catholic Church. And its construction of cathedrals in the Middle Ages -- -- and thanks very much.

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{"duration":"2:57","description":"Controversial following faces harsh criticism from a former high-ranking member.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"15303904","title":"Former Executive Speaks Out Against Scientology","url":"/GMA/video/executive-speaks-scientology-15303904"}