What to expect from President Trump's State of the Union address

Trump will talk about "building a safe, strong and proud America" in his State of the Union address on Tuesday, according to the White House.
7:06 | 01/28/18

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Transcript for What to expect from President Trump's State of the Union address
Donald Trump will be delivering his State of the Union Address in just two days there's a life the US capitol where the speech will take place the stakes are extremely high for president trump he will address the nation at a time of historically low poll numbers. And as a face to face encounter with special counsel. Robert Mueller. Maybe just weeks away they're saying this is a chance for the president to reset for the focus on the robust economy and has recently passed tax cuts the White House says the theme of the event will be quote. Building a safe strong and proud America Martha Raddatz is standing by in Washington with analysis that we begin our coverage this morning with ABC's David Wright. Who's at the White House good morning David. Good morning Paula good morning Dan the state of the union is always a marquee moment. A chance for the president to re rack the table and try and set the agenda for the coming year the White House says this speech will be. Optimistic forward looking and bipartisan. But there are some significant challenges to the president's agenda. This may be his first state of the union the president trump is already proven in the format plays to his strengths. His address last year to a joint session of congress seen as one of the high points of his presidency. It time for small thinking is over. The time for trivial flights. He's behind. The administration says this year's speech will focus on five main areas the economy. Infrastructure. Immigration. Trade and national security. Trump is expected to make the case that all groups are benefiting from a roaring economy. Thanks he says to his efforts to cut taxes and deregulate. Steve Wynn would you stand. He's raising so much money for our. Great Republican Party. Meantime the president and his party are now facing pressure to distance themselves from one of the top Republican donors. Casino king Steve Wynn resigned this weekend as the party's finance chair. After a Wall Street Journal report alleged he pressured manicurist and massage therapists at his Las Vegas casinos for sacs. Nguyen denies the charges calling them preposterous. The RNC put huge pressure on Democrats to return Harvey Weinstein is contributions. After his scandal broke. So there are now growing calls for them to treat wins scandal with equal outrage. You how lauded. Good to see him. On the eve of the state of the union there's this Charlie new interview with the president. Conducted for ITV by piers Morgan winner of this Celebrity Apprentice. And it trump addresses the controversy over his recent breach we. Of extremist anti Muslim videos which the British prime minister and others sharply criticize. You have a very good relationship with your prime minister who I just left. And she's been doing and I think she's been doing a very good job. We actually have a very good relationship although a lot of people think we don't. Morgan also asked trump if he's gotten his invitation yet for the upcoming royal wedding trump says. Not that he knows but that he wishes Prince Harry and Megan Markel well then and Paula. David thank you for mark all of this let's bring in ABC's Martha Raddatz will be hosting this week later this morning right here on ABC Martha good morning allowing it to the state of the union in a moment but let me first ask you about a new report in the Washington Post this morning. Faber says. Trump has recently been talking about firing deputy attorney general rob rose as dean he's the official overseeing the Russia probe. This report comes just days after we learned that some allegedly ordered the firing of the special counsel himself Robert Mueller only to relent after top White House lawyer threatened to resign if he went forward. Sent diseases developments taken in some bolster the case for obstruction of justice. Well I think trumps critics will certainly say it does this is obviously very big news this week and I think what you have to look at. Is a pattern you have to look back and say look he fired call me he wanted Jeff Sessions not to recuse himself. So I think that's something investigators. And and the special counsel will be looking at. But you also have to look for cor rob intense and that is the key to obstruction of justice there's been lots of legal opinions this week. On exactly how Robert Mueller. Will approach this whether it will matter but he's clearly look at yet the Baghdad. Natalie and I corrupt intent as you just mentioned thanks so let's get back to the state of the union mart there's all this talk this morning that the state of the union as a chance for the president it reset hit that reset button aids is said. He's gonna reach beyond his base is gonna attempt for compromise in the speech. Is that possible for him to simply reset. Well I think not in one speech she made reset for that one speech but I think you have to go back again. Will his base love it no matter what he says they probably well. If he's very calm if he's very positive. Those who don't particularly like president trump might look at that say. What a great speech but then they'll move on or they might say look he was reading from a teleprompter other people were telling it what to do. But I do think you'll see a very positive speech. From president trump he likes being before congress you get lots of applause for just looking at David Wright's peace there and what he was saying. When he spoke in front of congress before and saying we don't want to be divided. Things passed really quickly things move really wouldn't wait in this town and in this country and they might forget about that speech within a couple of days even if they like that. No last speech was well received but the news cycle moves incredibly fast as you said so I want to talk about some reporting you've done that we're gonna see on your show this morning he spent the past week visiting. All four states along US border with Mexico at a time when immigration and the Wallace a jet hot issue what are people saying to you. Well first thought it was just an amazing drive it's amazing to really get up close to what they've already got going now that border is 19100. Miles long. We drove about 700 miles through those states. A lot of people are against that wall only 13. Of Americans support building that wall we spoke to seven border. A congressman right there Steve Pearce. From New Mexico he does not want that while he is a Republican and he said it is a big waste of money he's seen. Ultralight airplanes fly over that wall right there and drop drugs on the other side. Handing is gonna cost a lot of money market we look forward to your reporting and we look prettier shout we're gonna let you go because we do know you had a busy morning Martha's got a big show coming up she's gonna go one on one with. Republican senator Lindsey Graham for his reaction to present attempt attempt to fire the special counsel allegedly and the latest on immigration. And as discussed Martha takes us on that journey along the southern border for a firsthand look at the debate over the border wall on the fate of the dreamers it's all coming up. On this week later this morning right here on ABC.

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{"duration":"7:06","description":"Trump will talk about \"building a safe, strong and proud America\" in his State of the Union address on Tuesday, according to the White House.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"52662422","title":"What to expect from President Trump's State of the Union address","url":"/GMA/video/expect-president-trumps-state-union-address-52662422"}