Extreme Campout: Cameron Mathison Goes 'Skijoring'

"GMA" correspondent tries out a sport where people combine skis with animals.
1:25 | 03/07/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Extreme Campout: Cameron Mathison Goes 'Skijoring'
Now to our extreme camp -- -- addition we came out with three of the toughest and -- challenges with the pick up one of them. It involves dogs. Just like those -- right there on the trail with -- on one of our coldest adventures -- we introduce our friends here yeah absolutely -- -- -- Horatio there are very sure you've got Arlen. An animal would get into that in his second minute and -- -- I thought out from this experience this is this is nothing compared to very snowy. When -- cold state of Maine where I went for my extreme. Winter camp vowed to try a -- a wild wild winter sport sport which I -- keys to my feet. And then strap myself to the back of a horse -- -- -- Strapped to a -- skiing at a breakneck pace seems like a bad ideas. Actually it's -- exhilarating 700 year old scandinavians sport of -- jewels which begs the question. -- would lead to tackle and every year -- Cruise -- -- perspective. Gathering like fish Montana. -- -- joy bolt from the -- from mind. -- -- had -- here is part and I headed to Mason township in western Maine where -- parliament operates New England dogs. Telephone wilderness long. -- he's done -- horses. And I were going to feed the puppies and immediately I was ransacked by some of the best bred dogs and the world these. -- -- Good -- but I. And come to feed puppies. I can't produce and -- -- Not an put -- -- -- -- now left leg and when we reached the site Steve put artists on my partner Harvey Apartments and a new teaching you how to skin behind. You gonna help me out then it was my turn to shoot up to inch. If the -- little bigger trouble better than the last that -- this tournament it doesn't matter that I've never -- on nordic -- before your incredible athlete -- -- -- -- problem -- And Mulroney told -- one bullet. I don't think -- Obama. Couldn't stand out when I'm -- jury. The dogs are looking at me like you don't know what you get if you -- -- wouldn't do. I can quickly see why this is the fastest growing -- sport in the world imagine water ski on snow with a dog instead of a bolt provided the power. I was doing so well according they decided to lighten his load and add another -- -- -- talking about. The next step something. And while we're -- it. Why don't snowboard behind it counted fourteen dogs actually. -- thirty seconds ago. Com it was suddenly. About a couple things to work going. Slightly blues. Lose but undaunted I would covered it even got comfortable enough to try a -- For my final run of the day I went back to my roots. Traditional slow -- in -- loop around the picturesque Rosen went to. My lodging for the night an authentic. Native American style TP a roaring fire in a chance to reflect an amazing day -- hit. And the second guy ever snowboarding gold slid we have and then in the second do -- -- -- the best -- so far you know you've got to do you have relations and and and Harvey like -- and that's the most important thing today we work tonight. We rest in tomorrow. -- -- -- -- -- I'm pretty certain no one would confuse me with the professional -- jurors in Montana. But -- -- gave me a chance to experience ski touring behind a horse coasting through a spectacular -- On -- Chris main day I was able to reflect. Two days I won't soon. Opposing -- -- -- -- I knew we. These are unbelievable athletes I didn't know that nobody does that get very little hope to run until I just gonna hold up the harbors and they will gold and go and ghost pretty amazing -- got a full saturation of -- -- who is running in the Iditarod right now really listening graduate it didn't. ST there my -- I can physically and -- emotionally ego still bruises. Still getting over that we -- Have a story that I really with the kids would love it and -- our job to do to bring him had a -- guys you are good test buddy -- why should I want to -- -- coming up tomorrow arts training camp out what are. Okay.

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{"duration":"1:25","description":"\"GMA\" correspondent tries out a sport where people combine skis with animals.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"15867499","title":"Extreme Campout: Cameron Mathison Goes 'Skijoring'","url":"/GMA/video/extreme-campout-cameron-mathison-skijoring-15867499"}