Extreme College Prep: Sorority Bootcamp

Students headed back to college go through extremes to find the right sorority.
3:00 | 09/11/12

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Transcript for Extreme College Prep: Sorority Bootcamp
We're going to turn to the latest campus trend. With fall term starting up again, all students are trying to figure out the right sorority. Reporter: For decades, college women have competed to get into sororities. Famous for the beautiful houses, depicted in hollywood films. I would like to live here, please. You have to be asked to live here. Reporter: The criteria for getting in, shrouded in secrecy. They judge you on what you look like and what your clothes are like. Reporter: Meet this professional image consultant. I was thinking tank top, necklace and a skirt. Reporter: She charges to help young women in video chats like this one. Among her services, teaching young women what to wear and say during sorority rush week. The more she helped me prepare selling myself, I feel i have more of an edge on the competition. Reporter: While she coaches clients from her manhattan office, these women coach young charges in and around alabama. Their business is the 21st century's answer to finishing school. Every young woman needs something to edify her, to uplift her. That's what we're doing. Reporter: Among the rush dos and don'ts, bring an emergency kit, that includes makeup and a rain slicker, so that party dress isn't ruined in a downpour. Do know your audience. In the south, wearing black is no-no. And lily pulitzer dresses are a plus. And don't forget goodcurricular activities. Girls shouldn't feel like it's necessary to pay money to get into a sorority. Girls will be just fine if they act who they are. Reporter: And child psychiatrists worry that parents who hire consultants send the wrong message. It sends the message that the child is incompetent. And we must have a consultant if you don't allow them to do that on their own, what will they ever do on their own. Reporter: The consultants argue, they're not hurting anyone. You're giving your child only the best advantages when you're using a consultant. Reporter: As for ari, two weeks after packing her bag, she skyped to share the big news. I'm so excited. This is such a dream come true. Reporter: She is the first person in her family to attend a four-year american university. And to her, a sorority is synonymous with the college experience. Hiring a college consultant isn't much different than hiring a tutor to help you with a test. Thanks very much. Coming up, a lot of guys that don't play around. Richard gere, tim gunn, and carson kressley.

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{"id":17208382,"title":"Extreme College Prep: Sorority Bootcamp","duration":"3:00","description":"Students headed back to college go through extremes to find the right sorority.","url":"/GMA/video/extreme-college-prep-sorority-bootcamp-17208382","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}