Extreme Exercising of Moms-to-Be

Some women are going to unheard of lengths to stay fit during pregnancy.
5:44 | 01/20/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Extreme Exercising of Moms-to-Be
Now tell mom going to new heights to -- -- -- -- pregnant seeing how far they can push their exercise routines -- recent Cameron mathison out. To catch up with one mom to be setting a perfect bystanders. Pregnancy and the cycle of life and for those precious nine month. Some women turn to yoga to state. But for others downward dog just won't do. -- some women. I didn't handle it -- he. Completely it's everything -- should know just in general as we're going after my best watchers -- -- really fly up to save Amy rose Borough needs an active lifestyle is an understatement. Natalie gave Putin an important one. That in the 36 year old rock climber has the Ph.D. -- physical therapy. And a baby and her -- it's never -- concern as you're going about. The safety child. This isn't see that this -- meaning isn't the -- good. Now bitter eight month of pregnancy Amy who has been rock climbing for fourteen years doesn't show many signs of slowing down. She wanted to carry the pact existed. We went to rock climbing Mecca the spectacular Joshua Tree national park. To see her connection to where there are more out of breath then you -- -- With a little help from her husband Kyle in his suit up and ready to -- rock and roll up the -- of headstone rock. He can we had just in case -- here's. It's sticky parents even though she's carrying an extra twenty pounds of baby weight gain these amazingly adds -- flexible thanks to mother nature. For me. That that extra flexibility from the -- and does help to recent build huge is. Also an avid climber but -- she got pregnant five years ago she found herself lacking the simplest necessities when I've really learned the wrong and. -- they think I was called I was pregnant. I was cranky with no maturity long -- on the market and desperate to keep climbing Teresa was stuck between a rock. And a hard place so she created mountain -- a website dedicated to outfitting outdoors -- moms to be with a simple philosophy. -- you stayed during pregnancy -- -- timing and have. During delivery we let them look the way they always do only -- A -- in front that's huge for Amy who says rock climbing is often an escaped from her slower bigger itself -- -- to get to forget that. -- -- -- -- At times uncomfortable. Perhaps didn't get. I'm not one of those women who loves being pregnant. But it's a great overall body work and he takes it a beautiful places. With that in mind I feel nervous -- I decide to try my hand. Feet rubbed the side of headstone -- -- zero chance. Everything that I have -- -- -- street above my head remodeling -- Most -- I don't know what the -- didn't literally. -- until morning because I've struggled my way out of training makes it look so. So how -- All I don't have a -- Maria yell yeah. With the patients only a mother could happen and maybe give me some pointers -- -- -- Get them back. -- -- -- -- -- And without my climbing adventure comes to an end just. Twelve feet off the ground and me who is eight months pregnant is on -- harder route that I -- at the top and I'm stuck here that is impressive. During her first pregnancy Amy was climbing into her 37 week that's almost full term. Now at 34 weeks she plans to keep it up for as long as it feels good he idea could. A real. Inspiration to the next generation of. This kind of extreme activity obviously isn't for every pregnant woman and certainly not the kind of activity that you wanna start injuring her pregnancy but many doctors say. It's okay for active women to stay active during their pregnancy as long as they consult with a physician. Which of course being me. This is doing that as those that he'd check with your doctor first and weather check out something right here. Can you don't think we're gonna let you go live Desperate Housewives who have been an upcoming episode and -- screen is that you get picked up at a bar. Why -- Here's a look. An hour ago when I don't forget my class Salina you know -- couldn't -- -- -- -- Don't. We know you're gonna -- your shirt off itself. You know that you haven't had -- -- you know there I was I was wondering if you're gonna show a clip with my shirt off but -- you know typically I had I had such a blast there. Marsha is such an incredible incredible actress and person to work with and I was -- All right we'll see is your -- thing we're doing it again. Of course we are. Pulitzer. Auto -- inhale right you know that have a great weekend -- -- -- -- -- You're next Google --

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{"duration":"5:44","description":"Some women are going to unheard of lengths to stay fit during pregnancy.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"15402524","title":"Extreme Exercising of Moms-to-Be","url":"/GMA/video/extreme-exercising-moms-pregnant-women-climb-mountain-15402524"}