Extreme Kidnapping: Customers Pay to Be Abducted

Police say some of the stunts for adrenaline junkies cross a line.
2:22 | 04/10/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Extreme Kidnapping: Customers Pay to Be Abducted
Now we turn to that new craze for thrill-seekers called, get this, extreme kidnapping that gives adrenaline junkies, the experience of being abducted without the actual danger but police a lot of these fake crimes cross the line and abc's john muller has the story. We have's all been sort of got? It is a strange case, to say the least but there is a market for it. People paying for their own kidnappings. It is legal as long as you don't report yourself missing. What about when they're witnessed in public? What is going on? Reporter: Eighthen experience most people would consider a nightmare. What's going on here. Reporter: Watch as this man is abducted at gunpoint and tied up to a chair unnerving heavy metal music blaring in the background. The twist, this man isn't a victim. He's a paying customer. It's more or less a thrill entertainment of a kidnapping scenario. Reporter: Shanel hill is a professional abductor for a company called extreme For just $500 you get the four-our econo kidnap or the deluxe kidnapping. Some come to us because they want to lose control. Reporter: The company's founder says he was inspired by the movie "the game" where michael douglas pays to introduce twisted excitement into his life. But the police, this kind of thing, isn't a game at all. Last month concerned manhattanitses saw this couple being shoved into the van. When she screamed we were nervous but the way she walked in it looked like she knew whose car they were going into. Reporter: Two days later and it was revealed the whole thing was a hoax. What you've done is create a situation where both the police, the victims and the fake bad guys could be harmed. Reporter: Police are also concerned citizens will start ignoring potential crimes that they think are fake so rule of thumb if you see something like this happening -- you're in trouble now -- Reporter: Better be safe than sorry and call 911. Now, the company's standard kidnapping will cost you a thousand bucks and last for ten hours. In case you're wondering it does not allow you to kidnap somebody else, only yourself.

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{"id":18921706,"title":"Extreme Kidnapping: Customers Pay to Be Abducted","duration":"2:22","description":"Police say some of the stunts for adrenaline junkies cross a line.","url":"/GMA/video/extreme-kidnapping-business-paying-experience-abduction-cross-line-18921706","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}