'Extreme Makeover' Helps the Howards

The Howard family lost their home to the tornado in Joplin, Mo.
2:28 | 10/26/11

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Transcript for 'Extreme Makeover' Helps the Howards
Even counting down all morning to move that -- -- It really special morning. Joplin Missouri the entire extreme home make over -- they're getting ready to reveal how some of -- little hype -- -- there He put Howard that would all part of rebuilding an entire neighborhood Ed said you were there with the crew. The job last. This is one of the most exciting moments ever because they have never build more than one house at a time and now they're creating a brand new neighborhood where there was just rubble. They've never revealed a new home live the amazing extreme make over group are doing both of those right now and just a few moments but. Let's catch up with -- the Stanley as the Howard's Kyle Jill and their four boys they'll see their brand new home pretty soon but now. -- well we need you meet them. -- What happens when you have just one week. 101000 volunteers. Eighteen builders. And the skills of some of the most extremely. Talented designers in the world that the recipe for extreme makeover home edition most ambitious project at. Seven homes for seven families -- all built in just seven days off brand new neighborhood for the people of Joplin Missouri. Their town ravaged by a tornado back in May. -- say. Each of the houses unique. Designed specifically with its new owners in mind we want this to be up front porch can really good -- doesn't aren't -- -- our morning never. Whatever we got a sneak preview of that special moment when the Joplin family learned they'd been chosen to -- 81 of them the Howard family the news live right here on GMA. And everybody. Firefighter dad -- at work when the twister struck and couldn't get in touch with his wife Jill or their four young sons at home. They survived huddled together in the only place in the house left standing. This partial closet it's been five months since tornado altered so many life. But the folks here in Joplin are ready for the healing to Begin I hope. That -- these families here in -- that when that moment comes when they get to -- move that bus that they too will have a sense of feeling. Pass this terrible tragedies happened. And for the Howard family. The time has finally come to hear those three little words that we've all been waiting.

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{"id":14816493,"title":"'Extreme Makeover' Helps the Howards","duration":"2:28","description":"The Howard family lost their home to the tornado in Joplin, Mo.","url":"/GMA/video/extreme-makeover-helps-howards-14816493","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}