'Extreme Makeover' Comes to Joplin, Missouri

Sam Champion and Ty Pennington return to the town destroyed by tornadoes.
3:15 | 01/13/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'Extreme Makeover' Comes to Joplin, Missouri
Extreme makeover home edition has been -- that bus for a decade now helping hundreds of Americans all across the country. And tonight the last stop Joplin Missouri we help tell that story live on GMA back in October and -- Was part of the journey. That famous wake up call -- brought smiles. And tears of joy for nearly a -- here. My mom. Diabetic and his team extreme make over home -- have built more than 200 homes helping families and communities. Each new home comes a fresh start. You know these guys out. I think the -- -- and I. I joint Chinese team is they set off on their last and biggest challenge. The damage in this part of town complete -- brand new neighborhood for the people of Joplin Missouri. Towns ravaged by deadly. F five tornado that took the lives of -- assistant -- people over -- Their homes were destroyed. -- this -- we can't just an old one house for one family. We were there live on GMA with ties he surprised the Howard family. -- Yeah. One week later with -- 101000 volunteers eighteen builders in the port town of Joplin pitching in. Ties team delivered those houses and it all revealed in tonight's 200 and final episode. -- you know. Families move -- and Ty Pennington is moving on. To a new show called the revolution. And Ty Pennington joins us now -- what awaited and seven -- seven days. That's a real day. -- you what it was I mean considering how long we -- to do we've done an -- to -- finish have been Joplin where. I mean an entire community was devastated and I mean it's it's it's so weird I can't believe it's actually -- -- -- -- hey what if we're -- we cap our entire season -- 200 home much to of the -- helped -- to do it would. Seven with haven't Ellington and seven -- Joplin and just to really rebuild not just -- home but like it and an entire neighborhood. An incredible experience politically she never would have imagined this turning would be so long and so meaningful and helps them. Yeah I mean I can still remember the first time we you know the first family helped out and. And back then you know we we -- -- the bus as you know it's a place to well to shell boulevard designers you know and then. And basically we just walking around the license and -- the house remember seeing for the first time knowledge of the reaction the family that also. Like these huge you know construction guys there is crying -- -- in the patient and it's and any idea wait a minute. We can just move the -- the -- that caught up. It sure did well just because you as they say he helped so many people all across the country we're not taking any arrests. Revolution spread money want to have you back on many talk about that as well I'll (%expletive) hypocrite cal. I'm not sure if they -- it did in the very special episode of extreme makeover home edition tonight at 8 sevenths central on ABC.

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{"id":15353652,"title":"'Extreme Makeover' Comes to Joplin, Missouri","duration":"3:15","description":"Sam Champion and Ty Pennington return to the town destroyed by tornadoes.","url":"/GMA/video/extreme-makeover-joplin-missouri-15353652","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}