'Extreme Makeover' Rebuilds Joplin, Missouri

"GMA's" Sam Champion was in Joplin for the big surprise.
5:26 | 10/25/11

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Transcript for 'Extreme Makeover' Rebuilds Joplin, Missouri
-- highways we didn't quite -- and now could look up bus driver -- -- of the big events in Joplin Missouri was safe are your friends of extreme makeover home edition. -- neighborhood torn apart by the devastating tornado just a few months ago is being rebuilt. In just the -- -- You're their last weekend in solvents and we were there -- Josh and I am fluent hours after the tornado hit that town. So we were able to see all sides -- it is something you just don't wish on anyone losing your home and -- natural disaster like that but imagine. Then adding that one quarter of your town also gone and -- completely unrecognizable. And you're beginning to think that things will never get back to normal but -- Here comes the team from extreme it. Last nine seasons extreme makeover home edition has been -- Proving that sometimes. Paula takes his three little words to change a family's life for a what makes them. The move that -- moment. -- -- Resolve captured simple moment. And that's why GMA decided -- team up with our -- that extreme makeover home edition as they take on their biggest project yet. Seven homes in seven days. For seven families who lost everything in last based. -- -- in Joplin Missouri. When the tornado struck Kyle Howard with the jobless firefighter working as a first responder. As the hours ticked by He didn't know the fate -- his wife Jill and their four young boys who were riding out the storm at home. He eventually learned his entire family had managed to survived by hiding in the only part of the house still standing. A partial closet. Unlike anything new movie -- -- We decided to surprise that Howard's life on GMA with a very special -- All -- -- and here's a sneak peek of what happened when the other six families receive. An early morning wake up call for -- yeah. This past weekend all seven families were treated to an all expense paid vacation to Disney World the first time by the way for the Howard. While they're away 101000 volunteers eighteen builders and a few. Extremely talented designers have joined forces. Had a different design concept dial balance on -- at -- moment -- friendly Green valley. FaceBook connect. About half the -- and down there that it started having cottage -- but even though we can't show you -- that Howard the house till tomorrow. Grandpa and grandma have already gotten a sneak -- it is. Beautiful just beautiful and the fact that the firefighters. I'm working on it I -- is very very important mile each of the seven houses also -- -- than usual but very welcome feature a storm shelter. -- -- the storms come inside and go off. You hunkered down waiting for the storm to pass. And you all come out safe just a week ago this area was an empty lot bulldozed after the tornado. Just look at what a difference six days -- can you ain't seen nothing yet tomorrow the moment we've all been waiting for 8000. We're starting with. Every step by air -- job. The only question that remains how to find -- big enough -- to hide all seven home we are contemplating having seven buses. That they're -- -- doesn't cover everything up. So we actually don't know yet -- we're gonna do it so join us as we listen to an entire town cry out those three magic -- And witnessed the biggest move that -- have been an extreme makeover home edition history right here. And G and. Do not miss that moment now -- I've got to show you picture I think this sums up. The spirit these people never lost hope there and this is a group of volunteers in GM is kind of your three works format. Made the sign these guys are about rebuilding Joplin together they're from Missouri Louisiana California. -- again. There -- there at their own expense there more than 101000 volunteers and just about everybody in Joplin is voluntary Antonio get chills just thinking about it in this wonderful but it's. Bringing back a neighborhood -- not just one home randomly all throughout that and never have porches out in -- Michael said to give you that feeling that -- in a neighborhood -- winning in these people a community right these people love each other and they're they are supporting each other and they spend time with each other it's one of those things. In America that you just want to see more out. Also for other families all of these homes the blueprints and the that plans. For all these homes will be made available so other people can use them to rebuild its fantastic and any any touched upon it -- been going back there are several times since. The tornadoes. Beautiful people they come here to Times Square so resilient and just that the fact that they're getting this kind of -- I know has the it's immeasurable it's I think we can all learn about community something that you want to feel a little bit more and they got planning 30 big enough busted. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Extreme makeover home edition this Friday at 8:7 central.

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{"id":14809050,"title":"'Extreme Makeover' Rebuilds Joplin, Missouri","duration":"5:26","description":"\"GMA's\" Sam Champion was in Joplin for the big surprise.","url":"/GMA/video/extreme-makeover-rebuilds-joplin-missouri-14809050","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}