Sneak Peek Inside Joplin Family's New Home

Get an early look inside the Howard family's new home.
4:05 | 10/26/11

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Transcript for Sneak Peek Inside Joplin Family's New Home
We're gonna show America the inside of the house you won't get to see it yet but. Hang on clothes everybody's eyes in America take a look at the inside. This -- your exclusive inside tour of the -- It's designed in the tradition -- -- log cabin because the family's love of nature. The four bedroom two bathroom house move in ready from a fully stocked fridge to dishes already lining the cabinet. Howard's -- outdoor deep damage so there's up suspended canoe in the living room and they're gonna love this unique. Buffalo plaid wallpaper now just like the other six in this neighborhood this home took only one week. To bill. Over here -- loves underwater stuff just five days ago this was twelve year old Connors room. But look at it today and -- nautical -- All about why didn't Jordan make -- -- very nice place. -- that and this bedroom belongs to. The oldest son now the aspiring writer will never be without words. Each room reflecting the individual spirit of its family member. Along the way our extreme design team shows us ways that we can individualize our own homes without breaking the bank. -- prospective patrons opera Scotto and above cut them off with a -- pattern but just to -- simply is basically have wrapped and stuffed them to the law. One inexpensive changed -- -- can make it added wallpaper now I've at a walking over here just on one while He hit one I won't -- doing entire renal. It saves money and it gives -- kicks but the most important design feature -- each of these seven homes provide something money can't buy. Peace of mind these. Our storm shelters and eventually stormed rooms and what's great about this -- they're made out of all of the material that -- withstand an F five tornado. And now have something like that ever happens again these families know that there's a safe place that you pick them. There is only one team that could have done all that in seven days let's go back. Live -- standing there in Joplin right now with the Howard family now how I want you got it had a chance to settle down just look at the outside -- shown America the inside. -- take a look at those around you because that's got to be. Almost half the -- -- -- right there for your moment this morning hasn't -- All this is is. It's overwhelming -- good. -- They help us and and they didn't build all of this. Expresses how overwhelming that is -- and hopefully I mean. For people do that and I've just seen indescribable. I also want to ask you how we're seeing a look at this one block rising again but -- we're not going to be able to see the entire -- what's it like there right now what's it like -- -- city really finds itself again. Credible. But even from the top. He -- it -- certainly we have been able to to look into the future and see what good -- -- -- now. And that we've been moving towards that -- and even this is amazing this is -- this -- devastation here there was there was nothing here. And and now -- -- a block a beautiful homes and we've had a chance to meet. The family sitting and being in there in -- -- incredible families all of this is just it's perfect big guys -- neighbors. Neighbors and some it's just -- the stories -- incredible. Let's see what it's also just just some of the stories and everybody here. Accrued to the volunteers to the town of Joplin and we are so amazingly -- to -- here. Next step.

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{"id":14816540,"title":"Sneak Peek Inside Joplin Family's New Home","duration":"4:05","description":"Get an early look inside the Howard family's new home.","url":"/GMA/video/extreme-makeover-sneak-peek-14816540","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}