One Woman's Life-Changing Weight Loss Journey

Chris Powell and "Extreme Makeover" helped woman turn her life around.
3:00 | 08/13/12

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Transcript for One Woman's Life-Changing Weight Loss Journey
"Dancing with the stars" PREMIERES SEPTEMBER 24th. Thank you very much. Now to an incredible transformation. Sally balloonedover 300 pounds an and was eager to lose the weight. She helped chris powell and heidi poul from "extreme weight loss: Weight loss edition." First let's listen to her story. Reporter: This body belonged to tour guide sally adams, before a severe leg injury led to a 200-pound weight gain and 10,000 a day calorie diet. Then her tour bus made an unexpected stop at the lincoln memorial. One year from now, you will be half your size. Reporter: And chris powell of extreme makeover weight loss edition gave her the honest truth. I'm going to kick your . Reporter: But despite the trade mark aggressive workouts. Sally still wasn't losing the pounds she needed to meet her goal. You've lost 20 pounds. You fell short of 40%. Reporter: When chris busted her red-handed. Sally, come on. What are you doing? How can I be going backwards? Yeah, I'm wondering the same thing. And I know exactly where to start. Reporter: He called in the big guns. His wife and fellow trainer, heidi poul. If you compare us to dogs, she would be the pitbull and I'll be the golden retriever. I see through people's crap more than chris does. Reporter: When heidi couldn't motivate sally -- I'm done. Sally. Sally's own words, don't stop. Don't stop. Reporter: Recorded before the journey began which provided that push. Self-respect as well as looks, it all doesn't matter, because you won't be here if you don't do this. I'll never take this for granted again. Reporter: Sally kaconquered her workouts, reclaimed her life. When I first started this process, I could not fit on the slide. Reporter: And wowed a packed house in d.C. Please put your hands together for the new sally. Reporter: All thanks from that message from the old sally. I'm so disappointed in myself. I'm so glad I didn't give up this year. Look where I am now. And we are going to see the new sally live here in just a moment. First let's talk to chris powell, author of "choose to lose" and his wife heidi. The transformation helped sally turn her life around. Thanks for being here both of you. The golden retrevor and pitbull, I like that. One of the struggles she was dealing with is being a wife and full-time mom. Fitting in the workout regime is tough. Do a lot of people experience that schedule problem? Absolutely. Sally is every mom out there trying to lose weight. At the same time with kids you're busy. She has a beautiful little son but he's a disaster maker. And he's all over the place. At the same time she's trying to work. I get it you about I can't relate to it. As I was trying to carve out time for exercise and nutrition, there's difficulties there. Bring in your secret weapon your wife, heidi. Tell me about working with heidi. I saw you chase her into the bathroom at one point last night. . I can relate to sally. I, too, am a working mother. I have thr kids. I know how challenging it can be like chris said to fit everything in. Having that experience myself. I was able to call her on things that I knew were just excuses. And she's a strong, strong girl. It really wasn't tough. I am a pitbull. I'm pretty tough. Sally actually called me the peregrine falcon. I like that. Falcon, pitbull. Let's bring out sally. We don't want to wait any longer. You look gait! . Congratulations, sally, tell me how your life changed. It's like asking someone how does it feel to resurrect from the dead. In some ways the struggles i went through are exactly what makes it so sweet. Because I got through the hard times. AS A WOMAN IN MY 40s. Losing weight is much harder. I'm not going to lie. You're playing the long, slow game. You're not giving up hope when it seems like hope should be lost. That's a really hard thing to do. Getting through that was great. It was fun to see my journey last night. I had never seen the show either. I was watching with heidi and chris. We were screaming at the tv. How do you feel getting up on the surfboard. You are able to do things nowta you weren't able to do before. I actually -- one of the people I work with in d.C. Said you started off the show at a negative size fitness left. Now he give he's a begrudging 6, 7. He's tough. On the way to a 10. I couldn't even walk up stair, normally. I don't think the show showed how disabled I really was before I started the process. To be able to jump up on that surfboard, pick up my body weight, not only do it but do it on the first try, was incredible. It's inspirational for everyone working at home. Congratulation, sally, enjoy your new life. Absolutely. "Extreme makeover weight loss edition" is on thursday. Coming up the facelift that requires no surgery, inside acupuncture for the face and

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{"id":16993381,"title":"One Woman's Life-Changing Weight Loss Journey","duration":"3:00","description":"Chris Powell and \"Extreme Makeover\" helped woman turn her life around.","url":"/GMA/video/extreme-makeover-weightloss-edition-takes-womans-life-changing-16993381","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}