Extreme Plastic Surgery Spanning Generations

Barbara Walters previews her new 20/20 special on ABC, "The Cutting Edge."
0:49 | 02/23/12

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Transcript for Extreme Plastic Surgery Spanning Generations
And while this takes a close look at the booming business of plastic -- what a business it is what we're learning which you talk about -- that it spans the generations. I -- it's not just plastic surgeon. It's on the Talbot cutting edge of the -- -- about all of the newest developments. And cosmetic and Hanson. It's not just plastic surgery but. Breast augmentation -- everything you can have done without surgery. We also have a whole way this interview with the queen face -- Joan Rivers we're going to see if this old black don't crack is true. And if you are not too old or too young to get work done so take a look at this. Young women who have had much about procedures starting when they were in the team's. He knew what California. I'm still in there -- -- Had many GG treatments. And there are looking forward to a lifetime. Of cosmetic enhancements. As soon as she reached the legal -- Chris yeah. Breast implants should Judy when you're eighteen you -- to have your breasts -- bigger yeah. Monday in -- I really wanted to get it done sound to me and was then a big deal. CA do you know get a fresh out when I -- eighteen Y. Just above my self esteem and I didn't have -- -- and I was younger and all my friends said. Technique and his sister John both adopted a not for -- three years -- John you had plastic surgeon when Hewitt ten years old and belly button and your belly button -- -- another -- and it yep. It was an Audi and I didn't like it -- all self. Going under anesthesia and -- Changed it for me. -- and he kept plastic surgeon doctor Michael McCurry who is also -- -- -- -- Our and is bringing -- yeah. You may questioned -- father. Doing share during in his own daughter isn't that a little nervous and I think. No because -- -- surgery on my other son's my wife my cousins my father and I feel very comfortable. -- who wouldn't give them the time. That extra little look during surgery more than eyewitness. Other data Center City since the -- and friends have had other cosmetic procedures. Lip injections. Botox. And -- -- -- -- here and -- have been deeply. Cosmetic procedures and rapidly growing among teenagers and fifteen to nineteen. I have my nose done and when I was 21. Who put a little more on -- side. And I get tax. Now at twenty sure you can really yes you can get three different stimulation plush and -- -- stipulation. As well and lasers. Pills from my -- a fine little needles this is why even the mother talked. House and get -- -- my armpits I'd stop sweating. -- -- -- -- Beauty and cosmetic medicine expert. -- -- advises against most cosmetic surgery while still a teenager. I think young woman -- breast augmentation and she was 1819 years old and had not begun to develop -- -- I would say. Don't do something permanent tear -- at -- in the NH unless truly -- -- with the absence of a normal development -- opportunity for normal development. -- not only to young but you'll meet a woman who at the age of ABC. Decided to have her breasts may need three -- if -- -- look -- that does something. That's recheck your hands -- perfect. Guess that's amazing stuff -- -- the crew had a very strong reaction to that father right there. How well he is a plastic -- even admit worried she feels that he can -- his children even better attention then another doctor. -- can help more looking to tomorrow night it's called cutting -- 10 o'clock tomorrow night one more -- yeah we're gonna do something than men to. -- what they wait for them I'm sure you quoted. But -- thanks very much.

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{"duration":"0:49","description":"Barbara Walters previews her new 20/20 special on ABC, \"The Cutting Edge.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"15774097","title":"Extreme Plastic Surgery Spanning Generations","url":"/GMA/video/extreme-plastic-surgery-spanning-generations-15774097"}