Extreme Plastic Surgery: Toe-Shortening

Some women are resorting to extreme surgery to look better in high heels.
3:00 | 08/06/12

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Transcript for Extreme Plastic Surgery: Toe-Shortening
Let's go to amy. How far wul you go for your favorite stilettos? Some women are going serious extremes. Turning to cosmetic surgery for their shes. Toe-shortening surgery and other drastic measures women are taking to step out in style. Diana perez has the story. ♪ Reporter: From peep-toe pumps to sexy sling backs. A beautiful pair of shoes can suck me in. Reporter: Charmaine is a shoe addict. Six inches. Look at the height. Why do women love shoes? I have no idea. I love shoes. I do. Reporter: Her love of sky-high heels comes at a price. It burns. It's like fire. Reporter: Pain in the ballf o her foot. Giving up her shoes is not an option. She and women across the country are going to extremes to fit into their heels, even if it means chopping you are a their toes. Tell me the you feel pain there. Reporter: She's having cosmetic surgery to make her second toe shorter. For jennifer, it's the sweat of he toes that get to her. These are my favorite summer shoes. They're ruined. Reporter: She's visiting a podiatrist to have botox injectiinje injected into her feet to keep them from sweating. Shoes are expensive. It really is quite a problem. Reporter: What are you hoping you'll get? Dryer feet. And save the longevity of my Arer in the room next door, charmain is waiting for a procedure to fix the pain in the ball of her foot. You know a lot of people are going to think this is crazy? Yeah, but not when you love shoes. Reporter: The cushioning. Similar to what you might get in the smile lines of the foot, replacing the cushioning. You pick up, that's it. Reporter: She says it lasts around nine months. Not all doctors think messing with your feet is a good idea. I have no problem if someone wants to change their nose or their boobs. But you don't walk on your boobs. Once it kicked in, i definitely noticed a difference. Reporter: A week after charmain's treatment, she's pain free. I feel not so frightened by my shoes. I look forward to wearing them in comfort, not agony. That was diana perez reporting. You can get any of these procedures. Go to a licensed professional whose expertise is cosmetic treatment of the feet. I didn't know that that existed. I know. And I know we both love our heels. We do. Thank you, amy. All right, moving on, jonathan McHenry, boy, he

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{"id":16938698,"title":"Extreme Plastic Surgery: Toe-Shortening","duration":"3:00","description":"Some women are resorting to extreme surgery to look better in high heels.","url":"/GMA/video/extreme-plastic-surgery-toe-shortening-high-heels-16938698","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}