Extreme Shoplifting Caught on Tape: Organic Foods Targeted

Pierre Thomas outlines tricks from a new generation of thieves.
3:00 | 10/27/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Extreme Shoplifting Caught on Tape: Organic Foods Targeted
Of the new extreme shoplifting. Bold brazen shoplifters caught on tape. It's a new generation of thieves using a whole bag of new tricks to steal some pretty pricey products. ABC's Pierre Thomas explains how it's impacting the price you pay at the checkout line. Caught on tape -- the more casual leaves you'll ever see stealing cosmetics. Calmly stuffing items in his coat. So relaxed but greedy. He keeps going back. Look at it five times and just this week look at this shoplifter raiding a supermarket. He has a very specific target. Gourmet organic stakes. And lamb chops valued at nearly a thousand dollars that's him right there strolling -- of the store with a suitcase full of meat. And this man allegedly stole 20000 dollars of all of -- late -- at 34 stores in Texas. -- -- -- -- -- If you thought shoplifting with petty crime think again. Retail stores may be losing up to thirty billion dollars a year to shoplifting. With an 11% spike in losses from 2010 to 201111. Persons prices. On on the products in the -- of those stores have to compensate in some way. For the merchandise has launched many of the items stolen our personal products. Whiting strips like this which -- -- for up to fifty dollars per pack -- popular target -- surveillance cameras are capturing thieves stealing items up and down the islands. Items that might surprise you. Early pregnancy test baby -- Rogaine razors batteries and Red Bull. And in case you get -- Tylenol extra strength. Who's behind the epidemic of theft. Perhaps your next door neighbor like this man who -- something from the store into his neck brace but is largely organized crime gangs who -- massive amounts a product they still stuff everyone needs or wants. They quickly -- -- on the street or in some cases on mart stores are fighting back locking up more household items. Expanding the use of surveillance cameras and electronic alarm -- and forming networks to -- each other about shoplifting -- All to -- at the Pierre Thomas ABC news Washington.

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{"id":17578465,"title":"Extreme Shoplifting Caught on Tape: Organic Foods Targeted","duration":"3:00","description":"Pierre Thomas outlines tricks from a new generation of thieves.","url":"/GMA/video/extreme-shoplifting-caught-tape-organic-foods-targeted-17578465","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}