Extreme Tanning: Cancer Scare Doesn't Stop Tan Clan

Despite several health warnings, Texas family believes one cannot tan enough.
4:09 | 07/26/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Extreme Tanning: Cancer Scare Doesn't Stop Tan Clan
Now to special report on extreme tanning. A new study found that 1 in 20 m melanomas is caused by a tanning bed. This is family that believes there is no such thing as too tan. And despite health warnings, even a cancer scare, they say their design for darker skin outwaegs all the health risks. ♪ erin and her daughters, jamie and rachel, all love spending time together. They share a special body. Especially when it comes to, um, baking. Whoever's got the better tan has one up on other. Oh, yeah. They'll walk overed a say -- oh, no. Reporter: All thee say they try the tan every day, either indoors or out. Sometimes even twice a day. We're out there daily for hours. I like to go in the heat of the day. You get the best brown. Reporter: Could you ever get too dark? No. Most of the times, we look in the mirror, we're not dark enough. You could call it a family tradition. You come from a long line of We livid on the lake. My mom, I could remember her sitting in the lawn chair all day long, baking. Reporter: The professional tanners use the out of control xxx. They share tanning secrets like other families share reciprecipes. We use baby oil and iodine. We've use d crisco. Reporter: You think she needs a tan right now. She tells me that every day. Reporter: What do you say? I know, mom, I know. Reporter: In case there's a need for a quick bronze, there's a tanning bed in the house. Has the tanning bed always been in the bedroom? Always. Reporter: Why, because it's convenient? It's convenient, private, and the only place it will fit. Reporter: With a price tag of $4,000, she's not taking chances. They say their cult of tanning started young. Both were in the tanning bed by the time they were 12. Adolescents parents who use indoor tanningre 70% more likely to do it, too. They have an incredible devotion to getting dark. You look more alive. I was going say that. You're teeth look brighter, your eyes look brighter. Reporter: Tanning is not always laughing matter. As many as 90% of all skin cancers are caused by uv radiation. Erin haed a precancerous spot removed a few years ago. Her doctor told her she needed to quit stan tanning. I did try. I had kids telling on me. The grandkids were telling on me. I said, leave me alone. I'm going the tan. Reporter: You don't want to stop? I don't want to stop. Reporter: Would you say you're addicted to tanning? Yes. But I look at it like I could die driving to the store. Reporter: Are you worried for you mom? We are. But that doesn't mean we'll stop tanning either. Reporter: I asked them if they ever used sun screen. 16-year-old daughter said never. Jamie said she uses an spf 4. That doesn't count. I don't know what to say. We have had so many stories about the importance of protecting yourself. But, you know, to each they're own, I guess. You load gok, amy. I wear spf 30 every day.

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{"duration":"4:09","description":"Despite several health warnings, Texas family believes one cannot tan enough.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"16860809","title":"Extreme Tanning: Cancer Scare Doesn't Stop Tan Clan","url":"/GMA/video/extreme-tanning-cancer-scare-stop-tan-addicted-texas-16860809"}